Meet our inspiring 2022-2023 ASB President!

Being diligent and open-minded are only some traits Associated Student Body (ASB) president Caroline Gin embodies and she strives to be a role model for the student body at Glen A. Wilson High School.

Gin’s passion to become a leader and a loving friend to everyone started when she was just a new student getting used to a new school environment. She was inspired by her upperclassmen in ASB to speak up for what she wanted. 

Even now at the high success of her high school career, she is still not sure what truly motivated her to try and take the position as ASB president, saying that sometimes you “just want to do it.”

“I think I was inspired and motivated by the upperclassmen in ASB to speak up for what I wanted,” Gin said. “I was also passionate about ASB and although I was always nervous I wanted my opinions heard. Though honestly, I do not know if I ever thought thoroughly about what made me motivated besides the fact that I just wanted to. Sometimes in life, you just want to. It just feels right.”

One of Gin’s favorite and most rewarding moments came from the adaptive abilities of her and the cabinet members, as shown on a business day when chief advisor Patricia Branconier was absent but the ASB members still managed to pull off a spectacular event.

“I was most proud during business days. Our advisor, Mrs. B was unfortunately absent and it was also unfortunate that it was the first big event we needed to host. It was a stressful week but I was proud we were able to adapt to the situation and have a successful business day week.” says Gin.

However, being part of the ASB cabinet has not consistently been smooth sailing and she faced many challenges along the way.

“The most challenging aspect was finding the balance between being a leader and a friend. I needed to learn when it was time to be a leader and also when to have fun. I feel at the start I struggled with when to be serious and when I could have fun.” explains Gin.

As the ASB president, senior Caroline Gin hopes to guide her members with her experience as well as a fun perspective! Caroline joined a mentorship program called Team Bezzie which mentors children. She has a total number of 140 community hours under her belt, which provides her with an edge of expertise at coaching and teaching underclassmen.

“I do not participate in many activities outside of school but I did join a mentorship program called Team Bezzie where I mentored kids. I chose to join because it was quarantined and had a lot of time on my hands,” says Gin. “I have earned 140 community service hours tutoring kids from different states and teaching about a variety of curricula from English to Math.”

Outside of being ASB president, she also enjoys baking and playing the guitar which she has played for nine years.

When reflecting on the importance of being a leader, Gin recalls a variety of abilities and lessons that she learned in relation to her current position.

“In my other extracurriculars, I have never taken the highest position of a large group,” she says. “I never realized fully how big of an influence I was on my members. I have learned the importance of being a leader not only during ASB events but in class and outside of school too.” 

Gin plans to apply to a variety of private and public colleges. She hopes to major in computer science, data science, or business. Depending on the school, she would like to minor or major in these subjects. But for now,  she does not have any specific plans after college but retiring early is something that’s a high priority. We hope to see Gin continue on with her upbeat attitude in college!

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