Meet FentanNO

Josephine Tsai (11)

How did FentanNO come to be?

“We are all very passionate [about] HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and we competed in medical innovation last year. This year, we decided to change it up and do a PSA instead. The topic this year was ‘Fentanyl Will Kill You.’ We did research and became passionate in pushing this project beyond just HOSA competition to benefit this entire school. We came up with FentanNO by replacing ‘nyl’ with ‘no’ as a play on words and to emphasize saying no to fentanyl.

Have you or someone in your life been affected by fentanyl? If no, then what inspired you?

Although we haven’t had any personal experiences with fentanyl, many of our close friends have suffered from other forms of substance abuse, namely nicotine addiction. Also, our success from last year led the team to pursue another event for HOSA. After seeing this year’s PSA topic ‘Fentanyl Will Kill You,’ we decided that we wanted to research it due to our own history with substance addiction and our skills in filmmaking.

What do you gain from being a part of FentanNO?

“We obviously began FentanNO for the HOSA competition. However, we have grown to be truly passionate and we hope that FentanNO can bring awareness to drug abuse issues in our school.”

What is the best place to eat, and why?

The best place to eat is Panda Express. I love their chow mein and broccoli beef! I would always get it for lunch.

What is your dream pet?

My dream pet is a raccoon. I think they are very cute and it would be cool to have one as a pet!

Luna Liang (11)

What is the overall goal of FentanNO?

FentanNO is a campaign that hopes to reach our local community about the dangers of substance abuse, specifically the dangers of fentanyl and drugs laced with fentanyl. One important thing we want to emphasize through our campaign is that any sort of opioid drug you put inside your body can be laced with fentanyl. Many of us know how dangerous fentanyl is, but many don’t understand that every time they take any kind of drugs, they are making a choice to take a risk against fentanyl.

What is an important statistic regarding fentanyl?

84 percent of all youth overdose cases were due to fentanyl, most of which didn’t even know they were taking fentanyl.

Will FentanNO continue to be a presence here at Wilson?

Yes! We’re currently working on some stuff behind the scenes, so no spoilers yet. However, one of our biggest goals for our campaign is to reach the people closest to us, especially in our school community. So be on the lookout for more FentanNO related activities on campus, Wildcats!

What sports do you participate in/watch?

I’m not the biggest sports fan but if I had to choose, I occasionally watch figure skating, tennis, and volleyball competitions or tournaments.

What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class right now is probably biomed. It’s my third year being in the pathway, and it’s very fun getting to engage in things I want to pursue in the future.

Hedy Yang (11)

What does FentanNO plan to do locally?

Our current plan for FentanNO is just to spread awareness around campus and notify students of the available resources we have to offer.

What is the biggest challenge in fighting for fentanyl awareness?

The biggest challenge in fighting for fentanyl awareness is for people to take it seriously. People often think subjects like drugs are far away from them, when their very friend could be the one having an overdose tomorrow. 

What do you hope the legacy of FentanNO is?

We hope FentanNO brings awareness to drug abuse issues and inspires students to start similar projects on campus. Also, we hope FentanNO can expand beyond this campus to not only bring awareness, but be more involved in prevention of drug abuse.

Who is a celebrity you stan?

My current favorite celebrity is Josh Hutcherson. He is talented in many different areas. 

What is your favorite extracurricular?

My favorite extracurricular activity is crocheting. I discovered my love for yarn around the end of last year and I have been enjoying creating various objects with just a hook and some yarn.

Anna Zhong (11)

How will FentanNO spread awareness online?

FentanNO will spread awareness online by being an active social media account and online website that is easy for anyone to access and see the dangers that fentanyl poses.

What dangers are posed by fentanyl today?

It is important to know and be aware that just a tiny bit of fentanyl is more than enough to kill, and it is easily added into many different types of products in the drug market.

Is public safety something you’ve always thought of?

I think public safety is something that surrounds all of us, and that each and everyone of us should be aware of the safety of our surroundings, because even if a miniature portion of the community is associated with unhealthy behavior, then the rest of the community or the public are all at risk. 

What is your favorite movie, and why?

My favorite movie would be Titanic, because I think it’s an iconic movie and I just really enjoy sad romance movies that give you an emotional and touchy experience while watching.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job is to be a neurologist where I get to diagnose and treat people that have abnormalities in their brain and their nervous systems. 


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