Meet Emily Ing, Girls Varsity Tennis captain serving on the courts and out

With a calm, steady hand, Emily Ing tosses a tennis ball high into the air with one hand. She swings down her racket with the other, making a clean land on the other side of the court. 

If you have ever paid attention to the Sports Announcements during fourth period at school, chances are you have probably heard the name Emily Ing and seen her face multiple times.

As the Varsity Girls Tennis captain, Ing has won the 2023 Hacienda League Championships, and has made a name for herself, both on and off the court. 

Ing’s love for tennis started when she was younger, when her dad would play recreational tennis, which introduced her to the sport.

Now, Ing has chosen to continue with the sport as she cites tennis as being a major factor to helping her become more confident in herself.

“I stick with tennis and continue to play because playing tennis keeps me in good physical shape. For me, being in good shape gives me confidence,” Ing says.

As Captain of Girls Varsity Tennis, Ing reflects on the many fond experiences that she has had on the team, most notably the people that she was able to meet and connect with.

“Being on the tennis team has been such an amazing experience, because if I had not joined the team, I wouldn’t have met all the amazing players that I know now,” Ing reflects. 

Of course, being a student athlete is no easy feat; it requires strength, resilience and good time management.

Ing details her practice routine, and the different techniques and types of practice rounds she would do to improve her skills as a player.

“My practice routine varies each time I practice. Sometimes, I will hit on the court with my other tennis friends. Other days, I decide to go to the gym or I decide to practice by myself,” Ing elaborates. 

Ing also shares some traits that she believes have allowed her to be a successful player.

“Discipline and the hard work that I have put into practicing have gotten me this far along. I believe that with hard work, anything is achievable because even with the talent and skills, if you do not put in the work, you can only go so far.”

Ing’s constant practice and dedication to her sport has certainly gotten her far, with much success in her tennis career

To explain how she is able to balance being an athlete, with many away games and long practice sessions, Ing says that she often takes advantage of the school hours and when she has a free period to do her work to stay productive, and advises others to do the same.

“During the school day, if you have free time or a free period, you can do homework so you don’t waste time. For me, when school ends and during the car ride to practice, I take advantage of the nap time so that I can stay up later,” Ing explains.

One of Ing’s core memories outside of tennis is her Math 3 Honors class with Ms. Zheng during sophomore year. She recalls that class was what sparked her joy for math and made her begin to like the subject.

Her love for math developed into physics, which inspired her future career as an engineer. 

As someone who enjoyed math and learning new concepts, she ended up enjoying physics and enjoys the  intersectionality of both subjects. 

“Physics ties in with math a lot, which caused me to be interested in engineering as I am able to do math, learn new concepts as well as apply the knowledge I have learned to make real life objects that I like,” Ing says.

In her free time and whenever she could, you can find Ing with her digital drawing tools, sketching away at her heart’s content — either drawing characters she currently likes or designing her original characters. Ing loves the freedom and creativity that drawings provide her.

“Drawing does not require much though, and it is very relaxing. It is very fun and rewarding to see the final result and the lines and colors come together after sitting behind my device and working for hours.” 

Ing’s love for art can be seen in her position as Event Chair for Wilson’s Digital Arts Club (DAC). As one of the founders of the club, the club is a relaxing space for artists and non-artists to gather and share their love for art, allowing them to discuss their interests, and participate in low-commitment friendly art trades with one another.

Despite her love for drawing, it is not something Ing would pursue professionally, and instead treasures it as a hobby that she enjoys spending her time on.

“I feel the moment I turn art into a job or career, it wouldn’t be fun anymore,” Ing remarks.

Ing also enjoys playing the piano when she cans. Ing reflects on her initial dislike of the instrument, and how she gradually came to appreciate it.

“I used to play piano when I was younger and quite disliked it. Instead of practicing, I would lie down on the bench. However, after stopping, I came to appreciate it more, and now I play songs I enjoy for fun now.” 

Wherever Ing lands, big things are awaiting her in the future, so make sure to be on the lookout for whatever cool or lifechanging invention she creates.


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