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Masterchef heats things up with its newest season

Master Chef (Entertainment) Ying Yang


 On May 28, the eighth season of the Masterchef series was released.

Masterchef is a cooking competition aired on FOX, in which twenty amateur home cooks compete against one another in order to earn the title of “Masterchef.”

  Competitors were challenged to prepare an array of dishes for three renowned chef judges. The individuals with the best dishes progressed in the tournament, while the people with the worst dishes were eliminated.

 While the show does feature amateurs, the Masterchef winner was far from that. A Masterchef must be able to cook well, be creative and be a strong force in the competition. Dino Angelo Luciani displayed all of these qualities, ultimately winning him the title of masterchef

  Throughout the competition, competitors underestimated Luciano. Nevertheless, he proved to be a dark horse when he rode to the top, leading to his competitors downfall.

 To illustrate, when the challenger, Mike Newton, was questioned, he stated that he believed Luciano was one of the weakest home-cooks.

 However, with the determination to overcome his obstacles, Luciano took inspiration from his Italian roots, and created well crafted pastas and desserts, proving his strength in the competition.

 For example, Luciano produced outstanding cannolis with distinct flavors, thus proving his strong presence in the competition.

 As Luciano progressed in the competition, his dishes consistently became better, resulting in positive reactions from inspectors. For instance, one of the judges, Gordon Ramsay admitted that Luciano’s dishes had unique flavors, reflecting Luciano’s extraordinary individuality.

 During the season, Luciano expressed himself through his food. Judge Christina Tosi noticed this pattern, and called it beautiful and elegant. Despite their efforts, other talented contestants could not replicate Luciano’s way of turning food into art.

 In addition, Luciano proved his creativity by stepping away from traditional flavors and by taking risks. He demonstrated confidence in his abilities by perfecting dishes that are difficult for even acclaimed chefs. With regards to this, Luciano’s unique flavors differentiated him from the competition


 While there were many great contenders throughout the season, the judges ultimately stomped out the competition by showcasing his passion for food through Italian flavors, treating it distinguished a good chef from the champion chef. Luciano like an art.  

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