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Luncheon “STEM”s student opportunities


  STEM students showcased their programs to local business leaders at the Industry Manufacturer Council on Sept. 14.

  Five students from the STEM pathways and organizations networked with numerous business leaders from the City of Industry, in hopes of acquiring internship opportunities and sponsorships for their fellow students.

  Robotics captain senior Vivian Lu says students aimed to promote their STEM organizations around the community.

  “We are trying to build up these [new] programs in a society where technology is [becoming] a big part of our lives. [Fostering] these STEM programs help us adapt to the world today,” Lu said.

  Attendees sat with local leaders and shared their experiences and achievements in career-oriented classes. Moreover, these experts explained the different aspects of their job and offered suggestions for high school career pathways.

  According to robotics member junior Alex Arteaga, the event displayed the willingness of local leaders to help STEM students prepare for their professions.

  “Our goal was to reach out to the community, but the community actually wants to reach out to us,” Arteaga said.

  “[By] kick-starting new internship opportunities, students can [learn about] their [dream] careers and determine whether they [enjoy] the work.”    

  In addition to meeting business leaders, biomedical teacher Jung Han hopes to improve STEM pathways by introducing professionals in the field.

  “[Ultimately], we teach a high school curriculum, so [students] do not actually get to see the real [job],” Han said.  “We give them these opportunities to [visit] colleges and shadow [professionals] to see how [a field] works in the real world.”


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