Los Angeles Dodgers strikeout in bad luck

Facing injuries while playing on the field is a regular occurrence, but what happens when it affects your entire team?

The Los Angeles Dodgers seem to be facing a bad streak after the team announced that one of their pitchers, Dustin May, sustained an arm injury after feeling a sharp sensation while throwing a curveball, causing the player to be placed on the team’s injured list on May 21.

Due to the severity of the athlete’s injury, he had to undergo a Tommy John surgery to repair a damaged ligament in his elbow. The recovery period for this surgery takes anywhere between 12 to 16 months, essentially preventing the baseball player from participating in the sport until mid-2022.

With this injury, May joins seven other players currently on the injured list, leaving only four other capable pitchers in their roster. Dustin May’s injury during this unexpected turn of events led to them developing a losing streak because of the absence of the key player. After his leave, he was replaced by fellow pitcher Garrett Cleavinger, but this change in the lineup led to the Dodgers’ defeat in 11 innings.

Due to this injury and the many compromises that had to be taken in order to account for the other players on the injured list, the season is not looking up in favor of the Dodgers.

As the team continues to face off against the challenges brought up by these accidents that continue to whittle down their roster, manager Dave Roberts is contemplating on using a four-man rotation in the next few games and seeing how the strategy affects their winnings.
“We’re talking through it right now. There is potential weather in Chicago for that first game, which could change things as well,” Roberts said. “Certainly with the off days looking out, four-man rotation could make sense.”

In this strategy, the manager plans to utilize all four of his remaining pitchers on a rotating basis, with each being given three days’ rest between each game. Despite this new course of action, the Dodgers are still at a disadvantage nonetheless, owing to the fact that a significant amount of their most skilled players will be absent due to prior injuries.

The manager also spoke to May on Monday and explained that although the player was disappointed about having to stay on the sidelines for the rest of the season, he is doing well in the recovery process.

“When you hear the ultimate decision [of requiring] surgery, it is obviously very disappointing,” Roberts said. “He is handling it like a professional and he wants to figure out what the next step after surgery is.”

Understandably, fans responded to the news with dismay. Jared Carrabis, a baseball journalist and a fan of the Dodgers, echoed their sentiments by expressing his sadness at how May’s time during this season was cut short and that he is awaiting the pitcher’s return to the playing field.

“I am still very bummed about the Dustin May news. We are living in a time [when] there are wildly talented starting pitchers taking the mound every single night, but [May’s injury] hit differently. You do not see 98mph two-seamers move like that. I cannot wait to see him get back [in the game].”

Despite their situation and bad streak which has already prevented them from coming out as the champion this season, all is not lost for the Dodgers as this experience is merely a bad season for them caused by unexpected circumstances. After May and the other players recover from their injuries and go back to the baseball field next year, the Dodgers can pick up their pace once again and claim their place at the top of the league during the next season.


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