Logan Paul Shocks All and Wins a WWE Championship

  “The Maverick” Logan Paul has exceptionally stunned the world and took home a championship in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

  Paul competed at WWE’s Premium Live Event Crown Jewel this past Saturday, Nov. 4, challenging fellow pop culture icon and famous luchador Rey Mysterio for his United States Championship. Paul’s shocking but nonetheless outstanding defeat over Mysterio shocked crowds and has changed the landscape of WWE.

  The first hints of this match were Paul’s public taunting of Mysterio. After Paul’s victory in a boxing match, Paul mused that boxing was “just a hobby,” showing his confidence in himself. Paul continued by saying that at heart, he was a WWE superstar over anything and brought up Mysterio by referring to his first ever victory as a pro wrestler. Paul reminded fans that “I already beat you once” and closed out with “I am coming for that U.S. championship.” This comments exuded an energy that prompted Mysterio to nonchalantly respond on Twitter stating that he’s ready for a fight every Friday night on one of WWE’s weekly shows, Friday Night SmackDown, setting the foundation for this match to occur.

  Many fans were surprised to see Paul winning a title so early in his career, having only wrestled eight matches across a year and a half. For perspective, Mysterio’s first title win came seven years after his debut, and he had wrestled around 250 matches by that time. 

  In the short amount of time Paul has wrestled, he has received praise from both casual viewers and long-time, devoted WWE fans for both his innate knowledge of safety in the ring and his enthralling ability to go viral. Paul has had numerous riveting moments in various matches, diving onto opponents; jumping 10 feet across the ring to collide with another wrestler; and his iconic shot against Roman Reigns, with it being one of the first images to appear when one searches up their match.

  Paul is undoubtedly  great for WWE publicity by his ability to make incredible moments, but his safety and ability to work seamlessly with others have also monumentally proven his worth in the ring. Paul was able to complete a main event match despite suffering a grade three torn MCL during the bout. In addition, he has prevented opponents from suffering similar fates. In July of this year, Paul narrowly evaded landing directly on his neck in a very risky move that could have severely concussed both him and his opponent. In the most recent Mysterio/Paul matchup, Mysterio performed a moonsault (a jumping backflip)[briefly explain the move], but miscalculated the height he needed to land correctly. Former wrestlers pointed out that if Paul hadn’t caught Mysterio as fast as he did, Mysterio may have broken his neck. Paul has put his know-how and quick thinking on display multiple times and has saved himself and fellow wrestlers through his hard work and dedication.

  Paul, while a relative newcomer to the business, has proved doubters wrong and has rightfully claimed his spot as a champion in WWE. Only time will tell if his championship reign will be as illustrious as his current standing in WWE, but as of right now, Paul has shown that he deserves the limelight.


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