Living life through the eye of a dispoable camera


  Smile for the camera! 

  Just one glance at any girl’s Instagram will validate that vintage truly is the new “it” thing. Vintage clothes, film, bags, you name it; someone’s got it. In particular, one of the most notable trends that definitely deserves more recognition than it gets is the return of retro-style film. 

  For the past several months, the lesser-quality, darker photo look has become exceedingly common on social media. Popularized by influencers such as David Dobrik, MyLifeAsEva and LaurDIY, disposable film has made a remarkable comeback to popular culture and we are definitely here for it. 

  Formerly, disposable cameras served their primary purpose in the early 2000’s, offering individuals the opportunity to capture spontaneous moments and candid memories. The product is often marketed for its “one-shot photos,” and accurately so, given that you are not able to view the photo until it is developed. 

  This prolonged gratification is something that most teenagers enjoy today. With the excessive availability of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras of all capabilities, smartphones and the most advanced technology the industry can offer, almost no one ever has to wait to view, edit and post their pictures. 

  So then you may ask: Why even bother with something like a disposable camera that restricts you from viewing or editing your photos, requires a special film to develop, and cannot perform any of the functions that a phone or camera can do?

  Despite all of these minor setbacks, disposable cameras offer a multitude of positives that have caught the attention of teenagers everywhere. 

  For starters, disposable cameras market the idea of a candid memory. While many people with access to a smartphone or digital camera can spend hours obsessing over filters, lighting and more, disposables do not allow you to do so and thus let you truly live in the moment. 

  In addition, disposables are also a super cheap alternative to a DSLR camera or smartphone. Almost anyone can afford heading to a local Walgreens or CVS to pick up a Fujifilm or Kodak disposable for an arguable inexpensive price, under $10. Thus, disposable cameras make great substitutes to more expensive and traditional picture-taking methods. 

  Finally, disposables also produce a unique style of photo that truly cannot be replicated anywhere else. While there are various apps on the App Store such as Huji, Dazz Cam and even David Dobrik’s own “David’s Disposables,” there is an undeniable difference that comes with developing the real negatives of a disposable. 

  In short, disposables are a trend that will never go out of style.


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