Leadership Development Conference brings a world of opportunity


Future Business Leaders of America’s (FBLA) attended the annual Leadership Development Institute (LDI) conference in Anaheim from Nov. 16-17. 

  The event was attended by fourteen of Wilson’s FBLA members who participated in student-led informational seminars to forward their knowledge in the business world. 

  According to advisor Leo Chang, the efficient learning conference environment resulted from the unique way that students worked together to develop their skills. 

  “Members could choose what areas of study and workshops they would like to attend, [which] allowed them to socialize with students outside of the school and collaborate with other students [who] common interests or goals,” Chang said.  

  Moreover, president senior Shiny Weng states the value of attending LDI lies in exposure to networking, which helps expand members’ skills.

  “At LDI, members [are given] the opportunity to network with other members across the various sections of FBLA. Through that, they develop new business connections as well as create new memories and make friends,” Weng said.

  Overall, freshman Sandra Pan states that the learning environment at LDI allowed her to advance her business knowledge.

  “I went to the networking workshop, which taught me how to communicate with others by delving into the psychology of networking, which I had not been well informed on before,” Pan said. “I learned about body language, tone of voice and other technical skills that broadened my understanding of the skill of communication as a whole.”


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