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Kylie Jenner announces new member of Kardashian family

Kylie Jenner baby

  The internet has been chatting up a storm about the newest addition of the Kardashian family.

  Reality television star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner announced that she had given birth to a baby girl on February 1st, 2018. Unsurprisingly, this news, along with her YouTube video which was the  number one trending video for several days,  has broken the internet and has been broadcast on every social media realm.

  Jenner concealed her pregnancy from the world for  nine months, and the public was more than surprised by the announcement. Clearly, the public have become used to being exposed to all the details of a celebrities’ life and are shocked when they aren’t. The demand for details demonstrate how little privacy celebrities have, as they are constantly  expected to share their personal life with the world.  

  To start off, tabloids detail celebrities’ personal lives with taglines reading, “Disturbing Divorce?” and “Newly Wed!” Because of this, it has been considered normal to discover intimate information regarding celebrities. By the astonishing response from the public on Kylie’s pregnancy, it is clear that we feel a need to know every single detail of celebrities’ lives.

  To elaborate, while Jenner excluded the public from her pregnancy for personal reasons, people disagreed with Jenner’s decision to hide her baby.  Many believed she just wanted to gain publicity. Obviously, Jenner only wanted seclusion and space from the world, but this was misinterpreted by fans to be another desperate grasp for attention.

  From a young age, Kylie Jenner has always shared a large aspect of her life with the public. She is also currently the eighth most followed user on Instagram and has become a mainstream figure of pop culture.

  Many were shocked to find out that Jenner had concealed her pregnancy, as she often shares every event of her life with the public.

  In contrast to Kylie, other celebrities, such as Beyonce, have decided to publicly share their pregnancies and weddings, which has conditioned society to believe that they deserve to know every characteristic of celebrities’ lives.

  Furthermore, because their every move is being broadcasted to the world, celebrities are often judged for the tiniest actions. If a normal person were to do something embarrassing,  we would be mortified in the moment, but by tomorrow, everything is forgotten and we could just brush it off. However, it is a different story for celebrities.

  When people are well known, they often  are scrutinized by the unforgiving public eye. One uncommon opinion or rash decision and they are bashed severely for their actions. Social media only intensifies this problem, for it is another domain for people to express their negative opinion.

  When Kylie Jenner announced that she had given birth, many were overjoyed for the new mother and her baby. Others were skeptical if Jenner was ready to take on the responsibilities of a parent. Additionally, she was accused making pregnancy seem like a easy and simple task, because she had the financial stability and emotional support that many young adults do not have. Because of the lack of privacy celebrities have, it is easy for the world to judge their tiniest actions, which makes it difficult for them to be forthcoming about their personal life.

  Consequently, knowing the amount of privacy celebrities have helps our society realize how much we are taking our own privacy for granted everyday. Famous individuals  lack privacy in their luxurious lives because they are constantly expected to share their personal life. Instead of being concerned if Jenner is prepared to raise a baby, our society should focus on more important matters, such as the conservation of the planet, and not the well being of one of many individuals on the planet.

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