KIWINS hosts annual KIWINS Training Conference

KIWIN’S hosted their annual KIWIN’S Training Conference (KTC) to introduce the organization to first years members on Nov 8.

The conference served as a way to introduce other KIWIN’S clubs of the same division, it primarily focuses on educating newcomers on what KIWIN’S is outside of just being a club. The conference explained more about the organization by covering topics ranging from volunteer service to future events including Fall Rally. It also allowed many participants to understand who they work for and who they work with.

According to KIWIN’S president junior Serena Yang, unlike conventional education conferences, KTC implemented non-educational activities to allow socializing during the meeting.

“During the conference, we had many icebreakers and games that allowed the student to take breaks away from KIWIN’S education. These activities are what allowed interschool interactions since a lot of people do not know each other,” Lee said.

In the opinions of KIWIN’S vice president junior Ronald Lu, the conference’s success came from its networking opportunities that brought a sense of belonging for members.

“The conference was very informative; many students participated, people were able to bond and interact freely with foreign members and overall we had a good time,” Lu said. “The conference also helps students who are interested in joining KIWIN’S to understand why they should join and how they can help the community by doing so.”

In the words of KIWIN’S recording secretary sophomore Max Lee, the interaction between schools involved in KIWIN’S serves as a large factor of the club.

“[The conference] is a necessary event since it allowed the club member participants to be able to meet the leaders of KIWIN’S from other schools in order to understand what they are doing with their own clubs,” Lee said.

KIWIN’S will host their virtual Fall Rally on Saturday, Nov. 14 from 12 PM to 3 PM.


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