KIWIN’S Club Volunteers for the Rose Parade!

Katrina Liang (12)

What tasks did you perform during Rose Parade preparations?

“I was in charge of preparing flowers with glue as well as going on scaffolding to put glue on the actual float.”

Would you recommend volunteering for Rose Parade to current or future members?

“Definitely! We worked long hour shifts, and as you are freezing in the cold together or shaking on scaffolding, you make lots of memories with the people you are around.”

Did you attend the Rose Parade, or do you want to in the future?

“I did not [attend the Rose Parade].”

What has been your favorite moment as a member of KIWIN’S club?

“Fall Rally! It was so much fun seeing all the different KIWIs in the District come together.”

Describe KIWIN’S in 5 words.

“Ohana. Serve. Community. Love. Slay.”

Eastan Oo (11)

While preparing the colorful Rose Parade floats, what was your assigned role?

“I do not know what my role is called, but I was the one who prepared the roses for the people who decorate the floats. Basically, I had to cut the pedicel and leaves of roses, then put them onto the hard foam board, organizing them neatly. [This is so] the people who decorate the floats can easily use them.” 

Was there a float in particular that caught your eye?

“I did not have a chance to see the final floats.”

How did you feel about the entire volunteer experience?

“The whole volunteering experience was enjoyable since you get to meet many people from all across California and make new friends.”

Would you go again next year if given the opportunity?

“If I have the chance to [go again] next year, I would absolutely love to volunteer because I think it is such a memorable and fun experience.” 

How did you initially come to join KIWIN’S?

“I joined KIWIN’S to contribute positively to my community, get involved in community service and develop myself in multiple aspects such as leadership, communication and work experience. Although there are several clubs at our school that offer community service, I chose KIWIN’S because it is a big and very active club that consistently hosts service events. Plus, most of my friends were members and cabinet members of KIWIN’S last year.”

Trinity Tran (11)

How did you help out while volunteering for the Rose Parade?

“During the duration of the Rose Float Decorating Service Event, I was able to involve myself in many different aspects of the decorating process. Whether I was working on ensuring vials had water, carrying flowers to stations that needed it, or helping unpackage boxes of beautifully picked flowers, it taught me a lot about the necessary components to craft a float.”

Did you go to see the Rose Parade after?

“Although I was unable to attend the Rose Parade, watching it through the screen was just as enjoyable. Seeing the efforts of KIWINNERS, Key Clubbers, and many others pay off was truly worth it.”

In all your years of being in KIWIN’S, what has been your most valuable lesson learned?

“After joining this organization, it has allowed me to understand the very needs of the community around us. Oftentimes, we might be unaware of the issues that need our help and what we can do to contribute. But, ever since joining, I have been exposed to many different perspectives that have opened my eyes to the real world rather than one familiar to us.”

Besides watching the Rose Parade, how else do you celebrate New Year’s with loved ones?

“Aside from the mesmerizing Rose Parade, I celebrated New Years’ by playing games and spending quality time with my family members. There is nothing better than hanging out with the ones you love most.”

Do you have any hopes for KIWIN’S this semester?

“This semester, our board is working hard to accomplish bigger and better things each day. Whether that be raising funds for what we support or creating an enjoyable atmosphere, our club’s purpose will have strengthened for the second semester. As president, I hope to bring about more meaningful service events and express the impact that service has on our community. With our amazing board and members, we are able to soar to new heights!”

Bottom left, dark brown hair. 

Janice Liu (11)

While volunteering, how did you help prepare the floats for the parade?

“My job when preparing the floats for the parade was mainly handling the flowers and making sure they were prepped to be put on the float itself. I had to separate at least a hundred flowers and put a special glue on them but it was definitely a fun experience.”

What was the most fascinating part of watching the floats come together?

“The most fascinating part of watching the floats come together was the amazing ideas and talent [of] the artists that were decorating. The effort and skill they put into designing the float and painting them was incredible to watch. The concepts for each float and what they represented was also just so cool to see.”

Did you go watch the Rose Parade on Jan. 2, 2023?

“Yes, I watched it while eating breakfast with my family and got to see the float I decorated have its own performance.”

What has been the most rewarding part of being in KIWIN’S?

“The most rewarding part of being in KIWIN’S is definitely helping my community. The teamwork and leadership that I have witnessed is so inspiring and it is just so rewarding to know that you have made a difference.”

Do you have any big goals for the new year?

“Next year, I definitely plan on attending even more events as I had to miss out on some this year due to scheduling conflicts.”

Jackson Chen (10)

How did you help out during Rose Parade preparations? 

“From what I remember, I glued flowers for a float, cut leaves and glued those leaves.”

Could you describe your favorite float that you saw inside the factory?

“My favorite one was the one with tons of animals [on it]. The float had animals that live in a forest, like bears and beavers.”

What was something new you learned from the volunteer opportunity? 

 “I learned that it is fun doing stuff like this, even though it sounds boring.”

How did you first find out about KIWIN’S and decide to join?

“I was searching for a club with volunteering activities and found Key Club and KIWIN’S. I decided to join KIWIN’S because their mascot is cute, and most of my friends are there.”

Would you rather be Prom King or valedictorian? 

“[I would rather be] Prom King because being a valedictorian means you have got to grind out your grades every day, and that is no fun.”

Middle Left, peace sign.

Yumeng Chen (10)

When did KIWIN’S club volunteer for the Rose Parade? 

“We volunteered for the parade on Dec. 28 last year; it is an annual event. At the end of December each year, KIWIN’S clubs from all across California gather together to help out.” 

What were some activities you helped out with? 

“Some of us worked on preparing the flowers that were to be attached to the rose floats. Others were in charge of tasks such as climbing onto the floats by scaffolds, cleaning, assisting with decorations—any work that goes into ensuring the floats will be ready for the parade.”

Was this your first time volunteering for or attending the Rose Parade? 

“Yes, this was actually my first time there, and it has certainly been a great experience. I was able to make friends with students from different parts of the state and feel the satisfaction of completing a project I was proud of.” 

What was your favorite part about the float parade volunteer opportunity? 

“A key moment was definitely when my group was ‘promoted’ from working outside to being inside the float-production factory. We got the opportunity of seeing how everything came together.”

Do you have any major New Year’s resolutions for 2023? 

“There is one New Year’s resolution I really want to accomplish: follow through with my plans, whether it be for academics, extracurriculars, or personal activities.”

Lisa Yuan (9)

What was your favorite moment in volunteering for the Rose Parade?

“My favorite moment in volunteering for the rose float was completing my assignment while getting to know strangers from different districts and walks of life.”

Did you learn anything from your experience volunteering for the Rose Parade?

“Yes, I did. I learned about how the rose floats were actually made, and the amount of hard work that goes into each float.”

Are there KIWIN’S events you are looking forward to in the future?

“Yes! I am looking forward to the AWAKATHON that is happening this Saturday, and attending the district convention that is happening soon as the year goes on.”

How has joining KIWIN’S club changed your Wilson experience?

“Through joining KIWIN’S, even though it has only been a couple of months, I have already created some valuable memories that will greatly highlight my experience as a freshmen. Not only that, I was able to meet incredible people who are kind and supportive and whom I can trust.”

What are some of your goals for the club or school in general?

“My goal for the club is to be able to reach toward our purpose and projects.” 


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