Kindness Week Promotes Positivity Throughout Campus


 Associated Student Body (ASB) and twelve clubs on campus, including Surfrider and the Culinary Crew, participated in Kindness Week from March 18 to March 22.

 Planned by ASB, this is Wilson’s first Kindness Week in many years. The week’s purpose is to spread kindness around the school and includes a spirit week with themes pertaining to kindness.

 According to ASB member sophomore Asha-Nia Huger, ASB is spreading kindness through multiple means.

 “ASB is trying to spread kindness, love and positivity [during] Kindness Week by putting up a lot of posters that encourage all the students,” Huger said. “[We are also] giving out candy and flowers to show our love and support to the entire student body and the staff.”

 Furthermore, Surfrider co-president sophomore Karen Lin explains Surfrider’s motivation behind participating in Kindness Week.

 “We wanted to publicize our club and spread kindness and love throughout the campus,” Lin said. “Kindness is important because during March everyone is stressed and there are not any long weekends, so this week is here to give us an extra push of motivation.”

 Additionally, freshman Jessica Wang believes Kindness Week needs to continue for future years.

 “Next year, there should be another Kindness Week because it makes people be kinder to each other,” Wang said. “It is also a week where juniors take their important tests, so they need that motivation from other students and staff.”  

 ASB’s next event will be Mr. Wilson on March 29.

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