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Ken Komaromi (12)

What is your favorite part of Wilson?

“I [really] like that everyone in our team is very close to each other, [as a family]. We all respect each other and it is a very tight-knit community. We can all come together to help each other and stand up for one another.”

What is your favorite hobby? 

“I enjoy weight lifting and playing around with technology [in my free time]. I also love to go mountain biking, camping, and skiing.”

What do you enjoy about being a part of your team? 

“I admire our brotherhood and the family aspect. The way our team bonds with one another is something you do not see often in sports teams, and we are [always] working together to become a team. In the end, we are a family, whether we win or lose. Being apart of this team has helped me become who I am today and build friendships that will last a lifetime.”

What is the most enjoyable aspect of football? 

“I believe football is a very hands-on and full-contact sport, and that is the factor I really enjoy. I really [relish] the adrenaline rush I get from the sport. Once the ball is kicked off, you go full speed and hit someone as hard as you can. I think that it is [strangely] fun.”

If you could play any other sport what would it be?

“My favorite sport besides football is wrestling. I joined last year not knowing what I was getting into, but after joining I realized how fun of a sport it is and how, with my strength, and some coaching, how good I could be at a sport I had never even thought to play before.”


   Robert Vega (11)

What is your favorite activity to do with your team?

“My favorite thing to do with my teammates is having a team meal before every game, and being able to bond with everyone. I really [appreciate] my team because we get to talk about the game beforehand and bond in a unique way.”

What are your personal goals?

“My goal as a football player is to become the best [player] that I can. Not only on, but off the field. I also want to better the teammates around me, and myself in the process. My [ultimate] goal is to continue playing on a professional level after high school

If you could meet any of your idols, who would it be?

“I do not have famous or professional idols, but the person who inspires me the most is my grandfather, who sadly passed away. It motivates me to think of him because when I was little, he used to always attend all my sporting events. When he passed, it pushed me to strive harder to make him proud. He helps me think of how far I have come and inspires me to continue.”

What is your favorite memory of football so far? 

“My favorite memory of football is my 80-yard touchdown against Los Altos. It was a big moment for me because it showed all the hard work I have been putting in as an individual and that I could help the team. That is all I wanted to do and it helped me make my grandpa that much more proud of me.”

How do you feel about the rivalry with Los Altos?

“We put in a lot of energy and effort into it which should not go without recognition. It would have been better if we won against them, but at the end of the day, what we put in should be enough to make our school proud.”



Isaac Hernandez (12)

If you could change one thing about the school, what would it be?

“I would change the whole attitude towards the football program at Wilson. The amount of work that all of us put in during the week is tremendous and a great amount of support, like what was shown during the Los Altos game, could push us even further.”

Why do you think that what teachers and staff do for students matters?

“Teachers are very good role models [because] they were once in our positions in both athletics and academics. That makes their advice useful and very insightful.”

What drives the team to compete better?

“What drives us forward is the opportunity. The chance for greatness drives my teammates and I to perform at our best. The chance to compete in CIF, to win our league, as well as to earn our respect back for our program, drives us all to compete at our absolute best.”

How do you believe the team benefits through personal connections?  

“Like our coach Daniel Morales says, it is more than a team, it is a brotherhood and a family. I believe that through personal relationships and getting to know the people you play with on the field, you grow not only as a person but as a unit as well. It helps you to know everyone’s strengths.”



Sebastion Hernandez (12)

Why do you believe that the team does not play up to their potential? 

“Mostly because they have not had the motivation to do so. They get the mentality that they are going to lose.”

How do you think that having someone to look up to helps an athlete improve?

“It gives them the motivation to improve their physical and emotional well being.”

How does the team better itself every year? 

“We get better as a team by supporting one another. We are always looking for new ways to work on physical and mental strength. It mentally prepares us for the battle and lends us strength when we are tired.”

What do you think is a crucial component of a successful team?

“A truly successful team requires a [great vibe], constant support, and loyalty to one another.”

What are your expectations for the new year?

“My main expectation is for the team to always support one another, no matter the situation.”



Nicholas Cardinas (12)

Do you or your team have a tradition or good luck activity to get you ready for the game?

“We do not have a tradition, but usually before every game, we huddle up and say a quick prayer. It helps us get the right mindset. I think it makes a big difference because it shows that everyone is on the same page.”

What is one way in which your coach inspires you?

“Coach Morales always has a positive mindset and always pushes us to do our very best, whether we want to or not. He gets excited with us during practice and creates a positive environment for the team.”

What are you most excited about for the upcoming season? 

“I am excited to play alongside my brothers, make [great] memories, and have a great season for my last year in football.”

What would you tell hopeful players who want to improve?

“I would tell them to look up to the upperclassmen and up the weight room as much as possible to constantly strive for better. Always try to learn from both your mistakes and the mistakes of your teammates.

What is your workout or practice regimen?

“My workout regimen includes weight lifting and overall [improving our strength and stamina.  We also study the other team’s movements, strengths, and weaknesses by watching their footage. This prepares us for the games we have and when we practice our offense and defensive tactics.”

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