Key Club hosts meeting to raise awareness for Pediatric Trauma Program

Key Club held an online event to raise awareness regarding pediatric trauma on Oct. 18 from 2:00–3:15 p.m.

The event commenced with an icebreaker where event coordinator senior Emily Tran asked participants to find words relating to pediatric trauma in a word search. Then, the participants created graphics to educate a wider audience on the issue of pediatric trauma, injuries that occur in infants to adolescents.

After the event ended, the participants posted these graphics on their social media accounts along with Key Club who featured the graphics on their Instagram stories.

According to Tran, online school gave accessibility to members, allowing the event to become more successful.

“It was actually easier [to hold this event online rather than in person because] all we had to do was provide information [to the attendees] and explain how to use graphic design apps,” Tran said. “Zoom [made the event easier for students to attend] because attendees did not have to drive [to venues].”

Although the event was still successfully done online, Key Club president Nicole Tong highlighted the differences between a virtual and physically present meeting for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP).

“[If Key Club were to hold this event in person,] we would have hosted a fundraiser and raffle [in order to] raise money for the PTP,” Tong said. “[Although the event was online,] we were delighted that a lot more people showed up than what we [had anticipated, strengthening the cause.]”

In addition, attendee freshman Erin Tran felt more enlightened about the topic after the event.

“This is [definitely] a subject [which people should have] more awareness towards. I was not really aware of pediatric trauma before, but after [Emily presented facts about it at the meeting], I [realized that] it is a really serious topic,” Tran said.

Key Club will hold their next event wherein they donate rice to the less fortunate using Freerice on Oct. 23.

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