Key Club Attends its First Ever Thanksgiving Event


 Key Club attended the first “Thankskeyving” hosted by Key Club International at the Sung Tien Collaboration Center on Saturday, Nov. 24.

 During the event, members from Division 13 gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving by having a banquet and dancing to music.

 According to president junior William Trang, the first “Thankskeyving” went well, but improvements can be made in preparation for next year.

 “Thankskeyving let members settle down for a day of [celebration] after Fall Rally,” Trang said. “Next year, it should be organized better so that we have a bigger venue and [enough food for everyone].”

 In addition, member sophomore Kevin Xie enjoyed how the event allowed attendees to interact with new people.

 “I thought the Thanksgiving event turned out well, because I got [the opportunity to meet new people],” Xie said. “It was interesting to see other members dance and perform on stage.”

 Despite the successful gathering, member sophomore Isabelle Kim believes more people should attend to show their spirit.

 “The banquet was a good opportunity to bond with members, but very few [people from our school attended],” Kim said. “I believe if we plan and get more people to come next year, the banquet will be more exciting.”

 Key Club’s next event is the Christmas party for the Foundation for Disabled Youths on  Dec. 1.

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