Key Club attends Fall Rally to raise money for Pediatric Trauma Program


  Key Club attended its annual Fall Rally South at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, Nov. 9. 

  The rally gathered several Key Club divisions from all over California and Nevada in order to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP), which helps kids with trauma experience healthy lives.

  According to Key Club president senior Mireya Castillo, the rally provided a great opportunity for students to raise money to help others while also getting something in return.   

 “The best part about the fall rally is how it benefits both the attendees and [PTP],” Castillo said. “Through Fall Rally, [students] receive a percentage of the donations for scholarships, so in a way, we are helping them and they are helping us.” 

  In addition, Key Club vice president junior Nicole Tong believed Fall Rally strengthened bonds between the members of Key Club.

   “Fall Rally brings new opportunities for the club to have fun and make new friends, especially with the other divisions. It is [exciting] when Key Club members were rallying to see which division had the most spirit [made us closer as a club],” Tong said.

  Furthermore, Key Club member sophomore Anne Lin believed the Fall Rally allowed her to make new friends from other divisions.

  “It was [fun] to go around Six Flags with my friends and [participate] in spirit battles, [which is] where we compete with other divisions by listing out Key Club chants, and through these battles, we were able to meet more members from other divisions,”  Lin said.

  Key Club will attend their annual Candidates Training Conference on Saturday, Nov. 16.


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