Key Club and KIWIN’S Work Toward Cleaner Roads


 Key Club and KIWIN’S attended the Adopt-a-Highway event at the intersection of Hacienda Boulevard on Saturday, Sept. 8.

 During the event, members cleaned the Hacienda highway by picking up trash such as cigarettes and plastic bags. Key Club collected over 500 cigarettes, raising five dollars for the Pediatric Trauma program.

 Despite the success, Key Club President junior William Trang believes their events need more attention.

 “We helped our community and raised money for a program, all [whilst] having fun with friends,” Trang said. “However, there were not as many people as last month, [so] members need to [publicize upcoming] events more on social media.”

 Although fewer participants attended than expected, Key Club Vice President junior Mireya Castillo believes the event was a definite success.

 “This event was planned really well and definitely exceeded my expectations,” Castillo said. “It was great hanging out with my friends while performing a helpful service.”

  According to Key Club Interclub Coordinator junior Robin Yi, the most memorable part of the event is seeing the end result.

  “Although [picking up trash] is very time-consuming and mundane, my friends made the event more enjoyable,” Yi said. “[Additionally], the best part was seeing the results of our hard work and contributions to the community.”

 Key Club and KIWIN’S will attend the Los Angeles Fair on Sept. 14.

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