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Keeping up with the White House: Trump’s cabinet turnover

Trump firing cainet (Estelle)

 “Where there is light, there is always hope. Except in the White House. Hope quit on Wednesday,” host Jimmy Kimmel joked during the 90th annual Oscar Awards.

 Former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks’ resignation on February 28 is only one out of the 26 staff members who have either left  or have been forced out since the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency. Some, such as Anthony Scaramucci, were hired several months after the presidency, then fired for various reasons.

 With these changes in staff, a hundred year record has been broken, with the Trump Administration surpassing the number of cabinet changes in presidencies all the way back to Woodrow Wilson.

 What does this mean? The staggering number of cabinet turnovers is but one of many things that have highlighted the indecisiveness of President Trump and the lack of professionality in his presidency.

 In this ironic yet sad reality, many Americans, as demonstrated by Kimmel’s joke, still see the cabinet turnover as something funny. However, Trump’s flip-flopping tendencies reveal a deeper truth behind current American politics.

 As Trump’s staff go one by one, Americans as well as the rest of the world wonder which cabinet or staff member will be next. The most plausible reason for these resignations and firings is that these officials did take responsibility for their position, or simply, did not satisfy Trump. This brings up the question of capability of people that Trump choose.

 Moreover, as a democracy, the American government should be made up of people who know how to carry out their responsibilities. If Trump is just choosing and firing people to his taste, it means that the government officials are not suitable to help American citizens. Although the president does have much power, that power is not to be abused and used to his own satisfaction, such as hiring officials that are not competent enough for the job.

 Herein, Trump’s way of politics, which has in part become America’s way of politics, is revealed. As he fires and hires, businessman Donald Trump is taking clear precedence over President Donald Trump. In other words, Trump is using his business owning and managing ways to essentially run the country. This is clearly not a viable or practical approach to being the president or leading the country.

 Furthermore, governmental reform and power needs to balanced and rightfully executed. Without a stable cabinet or White House staff for that matter, the government can not run properly or successfully, since every appointed official has a different way of accomplishing their tasks. When a government becomes dysfunctional, it ceases to exist as a government.

 Consequently, Trump’s actions have an effect on the world stage. His sometimes childish actions and behavior wrongfully represent America, and this has played a role in United States’ position as a world power being taken less seriously. With the world watching, America and its reputation has crumbling fast.

 As bleak as this sounds, one positive factor can be considered. Maybe, officials who are not doing their job responsibly or not enjoying their jobs will be replaced with someone more fitting. Maybe someday, one of Trump’s cabinet or staff members will finally get a majority approval from the general public. There definitely is a need for change in the current American government, and perhaps someday, a shift in staff will bring that change. Still, Trump’s ability to appoint able officials is questionable after seeing how many have already left or been fired.

 Ultimately, governmental reform, plans and power need to be balanced and enforced in order for the government to function as necessary.  Without a stable cabinet or White House staff, the American government will not truly be for the American people.

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