Keeping Up with Mr. Blanchard!

Want to experience an intellectual adventure in next year’s class schedule? Allow Corbin Blanchard to take you on a rollercoaster in the world of AP Psychology and World History!

As a part of the wave of new faculty on campus this year, Mr. Blanchard quickly became well-loved for his lively teaching style and charismatic personality that filled classes with productivity and laughter.

Describing himself as “caring, resilient, curious, logical, and honest,” Mr. Blanchard successfully juggles life as a teacher, husband, father, book-lover, athlete, and gamer Even so, he constantly seeks improvements and explorations beyond the comfort zone through goals, consistent effort, and a balanced lifestyle — and one of these boundary-breaking moves — was becoming a teacher.

Recalling his life before teaching, Blanchard traces the early beginnings of what would become a fruitful career.

“Before teaching, I had jobs where I did not feel like I was [contributing] to society,” Blanchard recalls. “I wanted a career that I found purpose in, so I wanted to become a teacher to fulfill that purpose.”

And though chasing a purpose in life sounds respectable and dreamy, Blanchard explains the steps and obstacles he had to overcome to become a teacher.

“I quit the job that I was in and had to go to a credential program, which was in Colorado, at the University of North Colorado. And that was where I got credentialed to be a social science teacher.”

Looking back, Blanchard claims all his efforts were worth it as he now enjoys teaching and even gives advice to students who would like to take the same path.

“[As a teacher], I get to talk about things that I find interesting and use [these] things as a vessel to improve the lives of my students,” Blanchard shares. “And I would say to definitely pursue teaching, but pursue it for the right reasons [because] while vacations are nice, the job is very taxing — pursue teaching if you want the feeling of making a difference every day.”

Well-rounded beyond the professional sphere, Blanchard also maintains a healthy work-life balance with numerous hobbies: after completing a marathon and reading 40 books in 2022, he continues to enrich his free time with activities that he is passionate about.

“I really like endurance sports, [as of now] I am really into cycling; I love video games too, I just finished God of War: Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part II; I also love watching movies and reading as much as I can,” Blanchard said. “And some of my favorite [books] include 1984 by George Orwell, The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker, and the Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty.”

Backpacked with many hidden talents and hobbies, many would be shocked to learn that Blanchard is also a loving father to two toddlers and leads a prosperous career and a fulfilling personal life.

“I wake up at five o’clock every day, relax a bit then get myself and my kids ready,” Blanchard describes his routine on a workday. “I get to school at around 7:30 [in the morning], leave and get home by 4:30 [in the afternoon]; then I work out, we eat dinner, and start the bedtime routine.”

Blanchard goes on to talk about his weekend routine.

“I usually play video games in the morning, then everyone gets ready and we do our errands. [Later] we put the [kids] down for a nap and play video games. In the evening, we do family time until bedtime.”

When asked for advice on time management, Blanchard confesses the difficulties of carrying out various responsibilities and offers honest words of wisdom.

“It’s difficult to manage teaching, reading, workout, and two toddlers. I have to wear many ‘hats’ and I try to focus on what I am doing,” Blanchard admits. “It makes me think of a quote attributed to Seneca the Younger, ‘the man that is everywhere is nowhere;’ so I try to be fully present but also make time for things that I enjoy.”

Based on all of the aforementioned accomplishments, Blanchard serves as the role model of a balanced and productive lifestyle now in his adulthood, he surprisingly reveals a naughty past in his youth.

“I was a mediocre high school student and did not put in the effort that I should have,” Blanchard reflects. “I care more about playing video games, making money, than getting good grades and getting involved in school.”

Since the carefree and mischievous days in his teens, Blanchard has grown into an accomplished adult that is well-versed in psychology and history, the subjects which he often draws on for solutions in life and guidance to students. And on a concluding remark, he leaves us with a lesson to remember.

“Always iterate, break bigger tasks and goals into small chunks, be kind to yourself, and focus on your mental and physical health.”

So here you have it — interesting, inquisitive, and always improvement-seeking, Mr. Blanchard is always ready to take you on an adventure in the world of knowledge. Despite the countless possible humps and hitches that may arise, Mr. Blanchard will always shine as the guiding starlight in our journey of education!


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