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Kanye Wests Antics Continue Following Kim Kardashian’s Split From Pete Davidson


Celebrity Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson have announced their split after their nine-month relationship, impulsing Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, to continue to poke fun at Davidson. 

Throughout Kardashian’s relationship with Davidson, West constantly insulted and ridiculed Pete, to the point that now Davidson is dealing with mental issues because of his remarks. 

Although both artists sent insults back and forth, Kanye needs to stop with these antics, as he is only hurting his credibility and the people around him.

Kardashian and Davidson sparked their romance during the comedy program, Saturday Night Live. Kim was hosting the show and shared a kiss with Davidson during an Aladdin skit that fueled the rumors that they were a couple. After various sightings together in Los Angeles and New York, they both confirmed their relationship on Instagram, where Kanye West was preparing his onslaught for the couple. 

West first began his attack on Pete via a feature on rapper The Game’s song EAZY, stating “God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass!” West later threatened Davidson again, now on Alicia Keys’s track, “City of Gods”, rapping “This afternoon hundred goons pulling up to SNL” On top of these glaring threats in his lyrics, West also took to Instagram to bash Davidson. Creating a nickname for him, “Skete Davidson”, West constantly shared screenshots of messages with Davidson or Kim and memes that criticized the comedian. From accusing him of not letting him see his kids, to ridiculing Davidson’s last relationship with artist Ariana Grande, West was subconsciously encouraging his fan base to attack Pete online or even out on the streets. 

Although arguably one of the greatest artists of our generation, West’s antics off the microphone are not acceptable. How can you advocate for mental wellness if you are the one causing the harm? Kim had every right to be in another relationship, as she and West are divorced. Whatever issues they have should have been dealt with privately, not humiliating the mother of your kids publicly for the whole world to see. West was so enraged with their relationship that he even lost arguably his best friend, rapper Kid Cudi, for his friendship with the comedian. 

West’s constant episodes online have tarnished his reputation in the eyes of the media. He went from being marveled as a multi-Grammy artist to now being known as the crazy rapper who ran for president and is obsessed with his ex. His family is also being affected by his actions. Her older daughter, North West, is constantly questioned about his dad’s actions, alongside Kim and her whole family. A father should be a role model to his kids, not act like them. 

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