Kanye West Diary Posts Arise Once Again


After his 7-month sabbatical from Instagram, Rapper Kanye West makes a return to the platform, voicing his recent demands.

These posts every few months have tarnished his reputation.  From his problems with his former wife Kim Kardashian, the romance of Kim and Pete Davidson,  and his problems with Kid Cudi being shared to the public eye, Kanye has lost relationships and even opportunities.

Though this time, West has vocalized his strong views on Adidas, GAP, and his students’ education more than ever before.

It all started with West’s new opening of Donda Academy in Simi Valley, California. After his promotion post for the new school, he took to Instagram to call out Kardashian for not letting his children attend the private Christian school. He then publicly posted private text messages allegedly between Kim and himself. The texts saw Kim asking him to stop and West refusing, claiming that she does not have a say in where their children go to school. Kris Jenner, Kim’s Mother became involved as well after West chose to target her, Mark Zuckerburg, Hillary and Bill Clinton. Kris relayed a message to Kanye through Kim to refrain from causing more stress.  However, West did not stop there. 

Having partnered with Adidas in 2014 and agreeing to a 10-year deal with GAP, maybe Kanye could have kept his image cleaner.

Kanye had a different idea. He chose to accuse both brands of stealing Yeezy’s designs. Though this is not the first time West has called out Adidas.  He previously stated that the Adilette 22 slide sandals made by Adidas looked unusually similar to those of Yeezys in summer 2022. Nothing came out of this as Kanye deleted the post almost immediately after posting it.

Fast Forward to now, West hopped back on to Instagram to express his feelings on Yeezy day as he never gave consent to it and he never approved the sneakers they were dropping. Summed up from a long string of posts, Kanye accused them of releasing Yeezy models, and colors without his knowledge, calling out almost all of Adidas executives and the SVP, Daniel Cherry III in the process.  He also added that Adidas allegedly offered to buy Yeezy out for $1 billion, lighting more fuel to the fire.

To add to his Instagram therapy session, Kanye gave his fans a new version of the iconic marvel civil war poster. Previously it was edited as Pete Davidson vs. Ye. Now the meme contains West facing off against Adidas executive Daniel Cherry. 

At the end of the day, his rant about his conflicts did not really change anything with GAP as he was so focused on Adidas. However, it seems that Adidas and Yeezy are no longer working together as West wants to turn Yeezy into its own solo project.

Everyone on Instagram suggests that Ye should refrain from using the platform as his diary.  As much as it is entertaining, you never know if  West is going through an episode or if he is genuinely mentally stable. It seems that this month’s rant is over however it is Kanye West, the most unpredictable celebrity of our generation so it is just a waiting game for his fans as of now.


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