Journalism Performs Well at Write-offs


 Journalism participated in the Southern California Journalism Education Association (SCJEA)  Write-offs at Long Beach City College on March 16.

 During the competition, journalism members competed in their respective sections, including art design, layouting, and various other article-writing categories.

 According to journalism advisor Pilar Robles, her students’ dedication increased during the competition.

 “I was very proud of everybody that came and participated in the SCJEA competition. Out of the twelve total entries that we had, six people placed in state, which was an amazing number,” Robles said. “I felt like everyone who participated really invested a lot of time into it and did their very best, which I am proud of.”

 In addition, editorial editor senior Michelle Huang, who placed second in editorial writing, says that her preparation definitely helped in the long run.

 “Although the topic given at SCJEA was fairly difficult for me to formulate a stance [on], I was able to overcome that obstacle because I practiced immensely beforehand, which paid off,” Huang said. “I think that writing for SCJEA allowed me to improve not only my writing abilities in general but also my timed writing skills as well.”

 Furthermore, staff writer senior Henry Hsia, who received the Honorable Mention award for novice news, explains what he took away from the competition.

 “From SCJEA, I realized that I still have a long way to go in terms of writing. I overused brackets in my quotations and also wrote weak introductions, which was at first shocking,” Hsia said. “However, from the judges’ comments, it motivated me to continue writing to perfect my techniques and skills.”

 Journalism will be releasing a printed issue of its newspaper on April 15.




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