Johnson’s Masters win ushers in a new tide for the golf world

Dustin Johnson’s historic Masters win marks the beginning of a new era in professional golf.

On Nov. 13, Dustin Johnson clinched his first-ever Green Jacket finishing a tournament record twenty strokes under par at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. This marks the 36-year-old’s 24th Professional Golf Association (PGA) tour victory, which is also Johnson’s second major championship. Though, it has been a long journey since his 2016 U.S. Open win. Nevertheless, Johnson has proved his rank as the number one golfer in the world is well deserved with his phenomenal abilities exhibited through his outstanding performance at the 2020 Masters.

Johnson broke the previous course record by just 2 strokes, previously held by all-time golf greats Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth. Perfectly represented by the reigning champ Woods presenting Johnson with his first green jacket, this is likely the beginning of a new generation in golf history with Johnson at the forefront.

Despite Johnson not being the newest face in professional golf, this certainly seems like his time to shine. Having turned pro over 13 years ago, Johnson seems to have perfected his craft.

Furthermore, Johnson does not show any signs of slowing down. In an emotional interview after the tournament, Johsnon told reporters that his goal right now is to “play for about eight, nine, maybe 10 years, and then hang out with my kids and [wife] Paulina.” Of course, Johnson hopes this plan can incorporate a few more major tournament wins, but for now, his first Master’s win means the world.

In an interview after the tournament, Johnson said the win was “something that I’ve always been dreaming about. It’s why I work so hard.” This demonstrates that his strong work ethic is a key factor to his success. Johnson continued the interview by stating “I’ve never had this much trouble gathering myself,” having uncharacteristically lost the composure that he is so well credited for his success on the golf course.

Not only did Johnson set the all-time course record, but he also finished 5 strokes ahead of everyone else in the tournament. The only golfers that came in the remote striking distance of Johnson’s lead were Australian golfer Cameron Smith, and South Korean Golfer I’m -Sung-jae both finishing at -15.

In comparison, many people’s favorite entering the tournament, Tiger Woods finished with a final tally of just -1 under par. Many were looking forward to and rooting for Woods to win his sixth Masters tournament, and 83rd PGA Tour title. This would propel him past the all-time leader in PGA tour wins Sam Snead, who Woods is currently tied at first with.

Although it is easy to root for Tiger as he is widely recognized as one of the greatest professional golfers of all time, Woods made everyone question what he has left in the tank on Sunday. The widely acclaimed golfer made sports headlines for all the wrong reasons in Augusta, after shooting 10 on a par-3, by far the worst hole of his career. This was the first time Woods shot over 9 in 23 years, demonstrating a complete meltdown of his performance.

Nonetheless, after remaining optimistic, Woods did finish the round rather well. He closed the day with 5 birdies in his last six holes to bring him back to a negative score. The only question left to ask is if Tiger has enough gas left in the tank to prevent any further disappointments. Luckily, many are optimistic that Woods has plenty of time to pass Snead’s all time record.

Even without fans present in Augusta, the 2020 Masters Tournament proved to be quite a story. From the lows depicted from Wood’s 12th hole to the highs accentuated by Johnson’s all-time record, this tournament is something for golf fans and sports lovers alike to remember. Consequently, Dustin Johnson has given himself the platform to become a household name, and with his next decade of golf on the way, it will be a pleasure to watch him flourish.

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