Jeremiah Ortiz — A Deep Insight Into the Life of a Star Quarterback

  Jeremiah Ortiz (12) is the quarterback of the Glen A. Wilson HS varsity football team. The team this year helped the school receive one of the best game records in over twenty years! 

  Not only known by most if not all the student body for being a star quarterback, Ortiz is also known for being a down-to-earth person with a true passion for his sport.

  Hence,  what does the position feel like for Ortiz? 

“It makes me feel like an important piece in a puzzle with a lot of responsibility.”

  Being the quarterback makes him feel like he is an important piece of the puzzle which is the school’s football team, as well as shouldering much responsibility. 

  Being a quarterback, especially for varsity, is no small feat. Naturally, knowing if it was by luck or by having a goal on his mind was important.

 “Yes, becoming a quarterback was a specific goal I had,” Ortiz says. “That was the position I wanted to try out for when I originally joined the team.”

  With a position like a quarterback,

there is a significant increase in responsibilities— helping fellow players and being part of the team’s morale are just a few. 

  “Being a quarterback comes with a lot of responsibility with making sure players are doing the right thing and making sure they are not bringing themselves down from a messed up play and telling them to keep their head up and do better on the next play.,” Ortiz shares. 

  Having as many achievements as Jeremiah does is no small feat, so we obviously had to ask him what kind of challenges he faced in getting to where he is today. 

  “There was a lot of adversity with learning the plays and scheme of the offense and becoming a team player people could work with.”

  He said that there was a lot of trouble with learning plays and patterns of offense and becoming a team player.

  There’s a lot that goes into being a good team player and learning such a valuable skill can help you go places.

  College football is a great way to open doors and get into college, and he told us what kind of career he wanted for himself. He said he wanted to become an athlete, doctor/nurse, or psychiatrist. 

  Having as much done as Jeremiah does can help to open doors into college football, where he said that he plans to try to play in college and hopefully make a career out of it.

  By saying that he likes to go to the gym, hang out with his friends, listen to music, and just relax or watch movies and TV shows it reminds us that he is still as human as you or me.

  “I like to go to the gym, hang out with my friends, listen to music, or just relax and watch movies or TV shows.”

  Digging deeper into who he is you can learn about some activities he does that you might not expect from him. Surprisingly, he said that at the end of the day, he likes to meditate and sit in silence to reflect on the day. 

  The kind of achievements Ortiz is proud of is important to understanding him as a person. 

He said his greatest achievement was helping this year’s football team to get one of the best game records that the school has had in over twenty years.

  “My greatest achievement is helping the football team have the best record in 20 years.”

  Everyone has their strengths, and Jeremiah said he thinks that his greatest strength is the wisdom he has gained through his experiences in life. 

  On the other hand, he said that his greatest weakness was his habit of overthinking things. 

  He said the things he loves to see in people are how respectable and loyal they can be, and being as popular as he is you need to know who really has your back. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he said he has a distaste for people who feign loyalty and respect.

  Jeremiah was prompted with this question: Is there anything you especially enjoy? He said with authenticity that he really enjoys the friendships and bonds that he made with people.

  Jeremiah is enjoying his senior year so far, saying that it has been “nothing but fun and enjoyable.”

  We at Paw Prints Weekly hope things stay that way, especially with Jeremiah answering as follows: “Yes I do think I’ll look back on my high school years fondly because there’s a lot of good memories and really enjoyable moments with my friends.”

  We all at Wilson cannot wait to see how Ortiz performs in football season and the kind of player he becomes in the near future.

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