Is the new late start schedule all that useful? Students and Parents seem to disagree.

  As of the 2023-2024 school year, Glen A. Wilson High School brought back our late start. Students became excited at the idea of an additional late start schedule on Wednesdays, as California’s Senate Bill 328 required High Schools to start after 8:30AM.

  The new late start schedule is not all that later than expected. Late start starts at 8:45AM, which is only fifteen minutes later than the daily schedule. Along with it only starting fifteen minutes later,  to replace the loss of fifteen minutes the nutrition break has been taken away.

  Students have mixed opinions on the new schedule, some love the extra 15 minutes of sleep, while others are upset that not much changes with the schedule. 

  The new schedule unfortunately is not working despite the good intentions of it. 

  For students with a zero period which typically starts at 7:15 AM, those students can get at least another hour of sleep, or have more time to do other tasks, and homework, or even eat a full breakfast in late mornings. 

  Having a nutrition break in High School allows students to eat, so their minds and bodies are alert and ready to learn. According to Action For Healthy Kids, “Offering Second Chance Breakfast [Nutrition Break] allows students who are normally not hungry first thing in the morning to eat just a bit later.”

  Mr. Hidalgo explains that this was a hard decision to make — taking nutrition out when it is such a vital part of a student’s daily schedule. The administration and faculty came to the decision to take away the nutrition break for the convenience of students with sports, making sure that the school ends at the regular time 3:21PM, as opposed to 3:36PM. 

  The late start schedule gives GAWHS faculty an extra 15 minutes for Wednesday morning faculty meetings.

  GAWHS student Richard Wang (12), who has witnessed GAWHS’s schedule changes throughout the last four years, shares his thoughts on this return of the Late Start Wednesdays.

  “It would be better if school would start at 8:45,” Wang said. “[This way] students can have more time in the morning.” 

   The late start schedule is primarily to help staff and faculty meet up with their peers and departments to help create solutions and ideas to help with the school learning and climate. 

 One of the main downsides of this new late start is that those days have substantially more amount of tardies compared to other days in the week according to Mr. Hidalgo.

  This does not affect just students and faculty, it also affects parents and guardians who drop their students off each morning. It changes everyone’s schedule for better or worse. 

  For students with a zero period in the morning, this new late start schedule pushes the parents’ schedule a whole hour back (although some may enjoy the extra hour), but for most, it proves to be an inconvenience as most work days start at 9:00AM.. 

  An anonymous parent expressed their concern for the new late start schedule.

  “We [parents] had to adjust our work schedule to accommodate this change,”the parent explained. “We do our best to let our son sleep a bit longer. Unfortunately, this has not encouraged him to go to bed early, and he ends up staying up later on these nights.”

  These parents express concern as well because their son does not sleep in more on days when school starts later than usual. They believe that this is a waste of the extra time that their student could be spending learning. 

  The late start schedule is not very beneficial to the students or their parents, and most of them hope that it would not be used again in the upcoming years. To ensure that everyone’s needs are met, they expect to see some future alterations or modifications to the schedule.

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