Intro Drama amazes all with “Romeo to Go”

Introduction to Drama had a spectacular performance of the Shakespeare turned comedy, “Romeo to  Go!” on Apr. 24.

The show entailed a school set scene filled with “students” who were in drama class waiting to be selected for their Romeo and Juliet characters to later perform the play in Act 2.  Mr. Gunnysack, played by Adrian Valenzuela, filled the audience with laughter as the show went on. 

Drama teacher Ms. Weaver explains the reason for having the class perform for other periods. 

“Part of their standards is that they perform for an outside audience as they perform for each other all year long. So we wanted to make sure that they got the experience of performing for students who are not in their class. Other students get to come out of class early too. It is also easy to do it during school because I can not guarantee that all my intro students can come to a night or an evening show, so we just do it during school.”

Weaver also shares what she is excited for when she gets back from maternity leave during the second semester.

“I will be gone for the whole first semester as I am having a baby so I am looking forward to coming back and seeing where they are at in the second semester. Hopefully creating something new just because of how weird the school year will be for me.”

Freshman Adrian Valenzuela also shares how he got the audience to be invested into the story line.

“As one of the main characters, I got the audience into the performance by having energy and trying to make them laugh with my movement and actions as well as the script.”

Lastly, Senior Ryan Chu expressed his favorite part of drama this year.

“My favorite part of this drama was being able to perform with the entire class as a team and create an entertaining and fun performance. This performance was a huge feat so we needed everyone’s shared support and hard work towards reaching our goal.”

There is more to come as advanced drama will be hosting their senior showcase on Fri. Apr. 28th.

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