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Interact holds its first meeting


 Interact held its first meeting to welcome new members on Monday, Sept. 17.

 Interact’s purpose is to teach students about the importance of volunteering, advocate for those in need and serve the community.

 According to advisor Shirley Young, Interact can be a viable club to have at school.

 “[We need] to train children to put service and others before themselves [as well as] to understand the idea behind [volunteering],” Young said.

 Furthermore, president sophomore Kyra Liu believes that Interact can benefit from having more members.

 “I really want to make this club big, [since] I like the message that it sends,” Liu said. “I think [Interact] would be great if it had [more of an impact on others].”

  In addition, meeting attendee freshman Olivia Liu explains why she plans to become an active member.

 “I [find] it interesting [how] you can help [both] the environment and kids [in need],” Liu said. “It is nice to help out the community [by volunteering] and [keeping it cleaner and safer].”

 Interact’s next meeting will be on Oct. 1.

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