Inspirational words from our dedicated dance team captains!


Vincent Cortes (12)

What is most difficult about being a captain?

“The hardest part about being a dance captain is balancing my school schedule with dance, [because dance adds many more responsibilities.]” Being a captain, I feel that I need to help guide our team do the very best so that they can achieve the most out of their year.”

How do you motivate your team?

“I motivate my team by yelling  compliments right before a competition, or sometimes just by being a good leader, such as being attentive and being [clear] when teaching choreography.”

How has dance impacted your high school career?

“I have been a dance member for all four years and it really has just been having a good balance between my academics and dance. The practices are often very long and they sometimes get in the way of school work, but over the year I have tried and overcome the challenges that come with balancing these extracurricular activities.”

If you could be famous on a single media platform, what platform would it be on?

“I feel like I would want to be famous on Twitter because it is a very fun app and there is a lot of users on it.” 

What is your favorite class?

“My favorite class is AP US History because Mr.Rogan is very cool and I really like history. I feel that learning about America is a very important thing since there is a lot of political aspect in history, [futhermore], as someone who wants to major in political science, I believe that it is very interesting to talk about.”


Gabe Mision (12)

What do you think is the most important quality of being a captain?

“The [most important quality] of being captain is [helping your teammates grow]. I feel like I have to constantly look over them and guide them through their journey in the dance team.”

Why did you join the dance team?

“I joined the dance team because I was told by my two friends Csven and Jorden, so I decided to join because I had no other sports in mind.”

How do you feel about the dance team’s performances so far?

“I [believe that] this is one of our best seasons yet because we had a fall show, which we have never had before, and [know thst] this set is the best because we placed a much higher expectation on ourselves this year than last year.”

Would you become a vegetarian for the rest of your life if someone gave you a million dollars?

“No, definitely not, I really like chickens.”

If you had to do another sport besides dance, what would it be?

“I was [originally] planning on doing tennis and basketball because my family has a background of tennis and basketball players.”


Jazlyn Yu (12)

When did you first start dancing?

“I started dancing when I was three years old.”

What do you like the most about the dance team?

“My favorite thing about the dance team is learning hip hop with my team and being  able to bond with them by building relationships, as we do what we are doing.”

How do you feel about the newcomers this year?

“I feel like they are all [extremely] talented, have a passion for dance and strive to improve which definitely [shows how much potential they have].”

What is your favorite foreign language?

“My favorite foreign language would have to be Spanish because I think the language is just so important to know in America.” 

How did you spend your Veteran’s Day?

“I was at home drinking boba and doing my work because I procrastinate  a lot.” 


Isabel Carmona (12)

What is the dance team to you?

“To me, the dance team is not only about showing your creativity through dance and choreography performance but also about forging and forming bonds and sisterhood with the girls that are on your team. Doing what I love with the girls I love is my favorite part of high school.”    

What is your favorite part of the dance team?

I really enjoy going to competitions because they are usually 12 hour days and we perform three times during the day with different choreography routines. It is very fun showing your routine to other schools and seeing what they bring to the competition.”

When you first joined the dance team, did you ever think you would get to be a captain?

“I did not think I was going to be captain because there were a lot of freshmen when I joined, and as we age, less and less people have come back to the dance team. Jazlyn and I have been together since our first year so it is really enriching that we can be captains together this year.”

What is your favorite fruit?

“I like watermelon and pomegranate; I like to eat pomegranate seeds when I am stressed out about studying,  and I really like watermelon because it reminds me of my grandma’s house because she always cuts watermelon for us when we go there.”

What is your favorite song to dance to?

“Right now my favorite song to dance to is Tia Tamera by Doja Cat.”

What is your favorite tik tok dance?

“I do not have Tik Tok, [however] it is the Tik Tok clock.”

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