How our wildcats kept busy during spring break!

Mikaela Alegre (12)

What was the highlight of your spring break?

“The highlight of my spring break was going to Seattle and San Francisco.”

As a senior, how do you feel about the upcoming weeks leading to the end of your high school career?

“As a senior, entering these last five weeks have been extremely stressful. Being a part of ASB, my mind has been spinning with WilsonFest, prom, and Battle of the Classes. Not to mention AP tests and graduation right around the corner.”

How does this year’s spring break compare to last year?

“This year’s spring break differs from my spring break last year as I was able to catch up on a ton of sleep and travel. Last year, I was constantly hanging out with friends, I forgot to actually rest and take a break.”

What is something you are looking forward to now that spring break is over?   

“Now that spring break is over, I’m looking forward to prom and battle of the classes. Especially as a senior, these events are extra special to me as they are some of the final ASB events I can help plan.”

Eric Zhu (12)

Describe your spring break in one word.

“Rejuvenating. After a few stressful weeks of waiting for college decisions and keeping up with both school work and extracurricular, a vacation to Hawaii was something I really looked forward to.”

What is something you wish you did during spring break?

“Although I’m very satisfied with my spring break, there is something I wish I had done more: playing badminton. My last year on the school team is coming to an end, and I am sure I  will miss it a lot in the future, so playing more badminton during spring break was a missed opportunity.”

What is your least favorite part about spring break?

“My least favorite part about spring break is that it ends. Going back to school means that I have to start preparing for my AP exams and finals, which are coming up soon. But as a senior, I’m confident that I’ll finish strong.”

How does it feel to have your last spring break as a senior?

“My last spring break was my favorite as I was able to celebrate my birthday in Hawaii with my family and friends. It also feels bittersweet because this was my last break before I graduate and leave high school, but overall I’m satisfied with my high school experience and I definitely made some great memories!”

Yuying Huang (11)

How does it feel to be back from spring break?

“It does ’not feel great to be back from spring break. It would have been better if we were not testing the week right after it. The new schedule for testing is pretty awful because we miss out on at least four hours of instruction for both English and Math due to SBAC testing. Three weeks straight of testing for juniors is just extremely bad. The only positive thing coming back from spring break is being able to see my friends again.”

What was something you wished to do during spring break:?

“Something I wished to do during spring break was to hang out with my friends. Unfortunately, I was unable not to do that because some of them were busy studying for the AP exams and doing other things. I was unable to make plans because no one could take me anywhere.”

What are you looking forward to academically, now that spring break is over?

“I am looking forward to reviewing previous content for the AP exams with my teachers. It is a great way to refresh my memory of all the material we learned all year.”

Noah Wong (11)

How would you say your spring break went overall?

“Overall, I would say my spring break was pretty relaxing, it was a much-needed break after midterms and with the testing following it.”

Describe your spring break in 3 words.

“If I were to describe my spring break in three words, I would probably say ‘sleep, anime, and dancing’ because I ended up sleeping in a lot, binging a ton of anime, and practicing dancing for the Battle of the Classes Rally.”

How do you feel about testing now that spring break is over?

“The testing so far hasn’t been that bad, but the schedule changes have been really confusing.”

What are your thoughts on becoming a senior as we approach the end of the school year?

“Becoming a senior is bringing up quite a bit of stress with things like college apps in mind. However senior year does seem like a lot of fun and I am hoping I do not catch a case of senioritis.”

Josephine Tsai (10)

What was your favorite part of spring break?

“My favorite part of spring break was to be able to wake up pretty late and not stress about homework.”

How do you feel about the long block schedule after coming back from no school for a week?

“I feel like the long block schedule was easy to adjust back to since there are only three classes a day.”

What was the biggest thing you looked forward to when spring break started?

“The biggest thing I looked forward to when spring break started was to be able to go out with my friends and watch movies.”

Riley Han (10)

How did it feel to be on break after a long year of school?

“It was a nice and enjoyable break that allowed me to relieve some stress.”

What was the most enjoyable part of the break?

“My most enjoyable part of the break was going to Disneyland and Universal Studios with friends that I have not seen in a long time.”

Did you miss school at all while on spring break?

“I did miss some parts of school, although the work and classes were not something that was missed.”

How do you feel about the upcoming weeks of block schedule?

“While I don’t mind the block schedule, I feel some of the classes can get tiring and overwhelming, which gets repetitive at times.”

Alanna Orozco (9)

Do you like being back from spring break?

“Yes and no. Yes, because I missed my friends, and no, because now I have to do schoolwork.”

Describe your spring break in one word

“Supaslay because it was very eventful.”

What is something that happened during spring break that will become a core memory for you in the future?   

“Going to the beach with my friends was something that will be a core memory for me.”

Adrian Valenzuela (9)

What was the best part of spring break for you?

“The best part of spring break for me was being with my family and going snowboarding.”

If you could change one thing about spring break, what would it be?

“I would make it so that there would be no homework assigned during spring break.”

What are your goals in school now that break is over?

“My goal in school, now that break is over, is to pass my finals.”


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