How our Wildcats are spending Thanksgiving!

Jessica Ramos (12)

What season are you most thankful for?

“I [am] most thankful for Christmas. It is such a cute holiday and I love the music, lights, energy and everything. It is a time when all my family comes around to be together so we can celebrate.”

Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at home or at a restaurant?

“I would rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at home. Home is always a better place to eat meals. It gives more of a homemade feeling which brings more comfort and joy.”

What is your favorite part about the break?

“I get to hang out with my friends and sleep in. I do [not] have to worry about school being the next day so that is really fun!”

Alex Ngo (12)

How did you celebrate last Thanksgiving?

“Last Thanksgiving I went on a four-day trip to San Francisco with my cousins to photograph his proposal. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, botanical gardens and ate at many restaurants. Overall it was a great experience as it has been several years since we have been back and a special moment I got to share with my cousin.”

Name 3 things that you are grateful for.

“I am grateful for my family, good health, and friends. I value these three above anything else as, most often than not, the other material items can be replaced.”

What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal?    

“My favorite part is the people I am with as we don’t really have a traditional ‘Thanksgiving meal’. Rather, we go out to eat at a nice restaurant, and in this case, it’ll be in Las Vegas with my cousins this year.”

Shannon Chau (11)

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory was going to Walmart every year after eating Thanksgiving dinner. Since my grandma lives in the middle of nowhere it’s the most entertaining thing we have there but it’s fun messing around in the store with my cousins.”

What do you associate Thanksgiving the most with?

“I mostly associate Thanksgiving with going to my grandma’s house in Arizona and hanging out with my cousins for about a week every year.”

Do you have any teachers that you are thankful for?

“I am thankful for having Mrs. Zheng and Mrs. Young as my math teachers for my sophomore and junior year. Both of them encourage me to put a huge effort into my classes and always motivate me to stay on top of my assignments. But besides lessons and homework assignments, they helped me learn to prioritize taking time for myself as well.”

Yuu Duffy (11)

What music are you most thankful for?

“The music I am thankful for is the music that has been the most influential to me throughout the years. This includes rap and pop music like Katy Perry and Drake.”

Do you have any Thanksgiving break traditions other than Thanksgiving?

“I would say a Thanksgiving tradition I have is rather than eating turkey, my family eats roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, as my dad is originally from England.”

Any academic plans for when you come back from break?

“Some academic plans I have are just to really focus up with everything coming to an end and finishing the year strong so I can fully enjoy my winter break.”

Camila Dorsey (10)

Do you plan to travel anywhere this year?

“No, I was going to go to Mexico but the tickets were too expensive.”

Do you have anything you do in particular to get you in the fall mood?

“I listen to music, and I buy a lot of cute hoodies. I even turn on the fan in my room to make it cold like outside.”

What is your favorite part of this season?

“The weather because it gets cold and rainy!”

Eric Day (10)

What is your favorite Thanksgiving meal?

“[My favorite Thanksgiving meal] is definitely ham.”

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving break?

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving break would have to be the CIF championship for cross country.”

What are you thankful for?

“My family!”

Gianna Furlan (9)

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

“Thanksgiving to me is the day I give thanks to everything I am thankful for.”

What do you plan on doing this Thanksgiving break?

“I am going to watch Drew Phillips and watch Emergency Intercom!”

What is a tradition you celebrate on this thankful day?

“My family and I sit around the table at my grandma’s house and we eat a lot of food.”

Matthew Ibarra (9)

Which do you prefer more, Thanksgiving or Christmas?

“I think I prefer Christmas over Thanksgiving because Christmas is just more of a festive holiday that is worth more celebrating as it has a whole season to look forward to unlike Thanksgiving.” 

What do you look forward to as break is approaching?

“The actual Thanksgiving! I think it will be good because I get to see my family and we will all hang out together, eat, and overall have a good time. I am also looking forward to catching up on some sleep and not going to school.”

Describe your average Thanksgiving in one word.



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