HOSA’s Seasonal Toy Drive Excites All!

Glen A. Wilson’s Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is holding a seasonal toy drive collecting until Dec. 5th.

The toy drive is for the organization to do one last service event for the HOSA members and anyone who wants to donate. It is an opportunity for students to donate prepackaged toys to people who do not have the means to receive toys this year. Not only is it to donate but also an opportunity for members to accumulate service hours. 

This is the first time that HOSA is hosting the drive regardless if a student is a member or not. The rules are simple, the toys must be unopened, in original packaging and for children ages 3 to 12. For any HOSA member that donates, there must be a card attached. One card and two toys will be worth one service hour and one card and four toys will be two hours.

Leadership committee chairman Senior Ellie Hung vocalizes the challenges of putting together an event like this.

“A challenge for us was calculating and establishing the conversion of service hours and donations. Since we are not allowed to grant service hours for tangible item donations alone, we had to figure out a system to still grant service hours to members,” explained Hung. “We did so by attaching a card requirement that they had to complete, and these cards will be given to pediatric cancer patients.” 

Senior member Jennifer Yang shares her excitement about the event as it approaches.

“Personally, I have never done a toy drive in high school before as I have done in the past. So I am really excited to just be able to express goodwill and to help other people in order for them to have a good holiday!” exclaimed Yang

HOSA’s festivities are certainly one to not miss with the excitement of the event that will end the year strong. 

The children will certainly enjoy the presents that they will receive this year as a small break from the treatment they are undergoing.

Sophomore member Luna Liang explains that this is not HOSA’s first seasonal event this year. 

“We actually just finished with our food drive in honor of Thanksgiving, which had outstanding results with pretty good member participation.”

HOSA is elated to be giving back to those in need this Christmas. For anyone who would like to participate, you can donate at Mr. Han’s room, C-3, and in front of the attendance office.   

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