HOSA State Leadership Conference Qualifiers Share Their Excitement As The Competition Approaches

Emily Axelrod (12)

How did you feel when you found out you qualified for SLC?

“I have done SLC multiple times before, so I am [relatively] well versed on Behavioral Health. I have done it so much I felt pretty indifferent when I qualified. Plus, it does not mean much. 70 percent of all RCE test takers qualify. It is expected.”

What is entailed in the Behavioral health event?

“Behavioral Health is just a series of tests that get harder and more specific. It is basically like psychology (Disorders, Statistics, Neuroscience) with like rules of being a psychologist or working in the health field (HIPPA, Triage, and all that.)”

What is the preparation process like for such an important competition?

“It is just studying. I never got a proper Behavioral Health book so the first year was tough. I just studied my AP psychology textbook and [other] health field [materials.]. Once I took the first test, I realized it was more stats and rules. So, I found practice tests and researched stuff I did not know. I do not know everything (which is why I never went to ILC) but I know enough to make it to SLC year after year.”

Does the competition differ based on your event?

“I would say the competition is different between red and blue events. Last year I did medical assisting which required an in person exam about taking a phone call and putting on gloves. But events like Behavioral Health are just a single exam.”

As a senior, does qualifying make it more special?

“Qualifying is not special. SLC is the same topic repeated. ILC is the only thing that has merit and qualifying for ILC is impressive.”

What is one thing you would like to see come out of the competition?

“I wish the competitions were more fun. It is the same test year after year with boring questions. I am over it.”

How are you feeling as SLC approaches?

“I do not feel anything about SLC. I am a senior. I will not be going to ILC with the amount of time I spend studying. ”

Sarah Pham (11)

Is this your first time qualifying for SLC? If not, what other competitions have you had experience with?

“This is actually my first time competing for HOSA.”

Advancing to a higher level comes with more competition, are you worried at all as SLC approaches?

“As SLC approaches I am not worried. SLC is just another obstacle, and I am ready for what has to come.”

What is the competition like specifically for the health education event?

“The Health Education event is where you educate the community about something health related, that is important. In this case, we decided to educate second graders from Bixby about the importance of hand washing. By doing so, we had the kids spread ‘ Glo-Germ’ across their hand, which allowed germs to light up when blue light flashed on their hands. We then taught them their importance of washing hands, and demonstrated using the correct techniques. At the end they used the  ‘Glo-Germ’ to see if they had any remaining bacteria on their hand. Overall, these kids were taught the underlying basics of how to care for themselves and prevent diseases, by common tasks like washing your hands properly.”

Is it ever a challenge to multitask school work while studying event material?

“When it comes to being in HOSA and other extracurricular activities, it is sometimes challenging to balance it with your school work. Overall, it is all about setting priorities and time management.”

Is the competition environment intimidating for you?

“The competition environment is not intimidating for me, as there is always competition surrounding us as high school students.”

Do you feel that HOSA has provided you with opportunities you would not be able to come by without being in the program?

“HOSA does provide me with this opportunity to compete as it is a part of their organization. HOSA has also greatly provided me opportunities to expand my passion for health sciences.”

Luna Liang (11)

Is this your first time at SLC? If not, how would you describe SLC for you in the past?

“This year will be my third time attending SLC. My previous experiences were really fun! The best part about it is getting to explore new places with my friends and staying in the hotels. In addition, the conference itself was very educational. We got to attend a few workshops where we learned about a wide range of things – from teamwork skills to networking. We even got to meet the president of California HOSA last year during the conference.”

If you could choose any other event category, what would it be? Why?

“I actually considered trying an emergency preparedness event this year. Although I have never competed in an event in that category, I think it will be something fun to try out and definitely going to be in my event considerations next year.”

What are SLC competitions typically like?

“For SLC, some events involve taking an online test before the conference, some include both an online exam and a hands-on-part, and some include an online upload (such as a video or image of your competition material) and an in-person portion. Last year, my team and I competed in an event that was like the latter. The in-person presentation was a bit nerve wracking, but fun nevertheless.” 

Are you worried about anything as the date comes closer?

“I am a bit worried about the test, which will be earlier than the actual conference, which means I will have to start preparing in advance.”

What is something that being in HOSA has personally taught you?

“Being in HOSA has taught me a lot of teamwork and leadership skills, but I think HOSA has taught me to go out of my comfort zone. I never really liked competition since they had always stressed me out, but with HOSA, it has been funnier than expected.”

As you are one of few who qualified, what are you most excited to experience at SLC?

“I am so excited to go to Downtown Disney! Our conference this year is in Anaheim, and our convention center is right across from Disney. I can not wait to visit Disney and buy Ratatouille merchandise.”

Kerrie Takesue (10)

Is this your first time qualifying for SLC? If so, how are you feeling about the news?

“This is my second year qualifying for SLC. I am very excited that I qualified again, as it presents me the opportunity to advance to ILC in June.”

What event did you qualify for? What usually takes place in that event?

“I advanced for the event called Research Poster. This event consists of conducting research on a health-related issue in the community and digitally creating a poster displaying our results.”

Are you nervous at all as the date approaches?

I am not as nervous as I was last year. Since this is my second year qualifying, I feel that I am more prepared to take on the challenge.”

What has been your favorite part of HOSA since you joined?

“My favorite part of HOSA since I have joined is the community service and bonding opportunities. It provides me the chance to give back to my community, meet new people, and most importantly, have fun.”

Do you find preparation for your event stressful? Why or why not?

“Yes, I did find preparation for my event stressful. I procrastinated for too long. This put extra stress on myself since I had to conduct research and design my poster in such a short amount of time.”

Do you see yourself advancing on to ILC? Explain

“Since I advanced to ILC last year with a different event, I have set a high bar for myself. If I advance to ILC, great, but if I do not, there is always next year.”

Adalyn Lee (10)

How do you feel about qualifying for SLC?

“Although I was surprised that I made it to the top 30 percent of qualifiers, I am very thankful and excited to be given an opportunity to compete and represent Glen A. Wilson HOSA.”

Did you expect to qualify? Why or why not?

“I knew that qualifying for RCE was not based on luck. Therefore at first I was not expecting to be one of the qualifiers because the people around me were equally dedicated and committed.”

What do you specifically do in the creative problem solving event?

“In the creative problem solving event you are expected to think “outside the box” to find solutions to a given problem.”

What are you expecting going forward into the next competition?

“I am expecting the competition to be a little challenging however, because I am not doing it alone, I believe it will be enjoyable.”

Do you think your experience with RCE will help you at SLC? Why or why not?

”RCE definitely helped our group prepare for SLC because it gave us a basic knowledge for what to expect. The time we put into studying for RCE will come to good use during SLC.”

After SLC, what is next for HOSA?

“After SLC the qualifiers can decide to go into ILC. However, it is optional.”


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