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HOSA kicks school year off with their first exploration camp

  Glen A Wilsons Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) holds their first exploration camp. 

  The HOSA organization is for the many students who are interested in the medical field. They expose students to the medical field through community service and many different activities related to the medical field. So, if you are looking for a great way to join HOSA or are interested in the medical field, the HOSA exploration camp is your best way to start. 

  The exploration camp is for all new members who are interested in experiencing competition in HOSA or simply would like to join the organization. During the exploration camp, there will be demonstrations about different medical scenarios, competitions, interactive games, and much more. The exploration camp will also be an amazing way for new members to see what HOSA is all about and discover if they would like to join in on the competitive events. 

  The exploration camp is filled with many fun activities and opens your mind to all the competitions that they compete in, HOSA’s co-founder and Vice President senior Ellie Hung explains what new members will learn from the exploration camp.  

  “The HOSA exploration camp is an event that gives members the opportunity to discover all of the competitive events that they are allowed to compete in during Regional, State, and International competitions. These events range from exclusively testing, presenting, public speaking, and teamwork events,” says Hung.

  Wilson students should expect to get a grasp of what HOSA is about and how their competitions will work by visiting the multiple booths they will have in the camp. One of their booths that were set up was the Creative Problem Solving booth,  where Hung is a representative at. 

  Many veteran competitors will be at this event giving future members the chance to ask them questions and figure out what event they would like to join for competitions. HOSA is always looking for competitive members who are looking to explore their future. Through participating in the camp you can look forward to practicing for the State Leadership Conference and International Leadership Conference. 

  Attending the exploration camp comes with a lot of benefits that will help you with your future in HOSA. HOSA treasurer senior Nathan Lee explains these benefits.

“The benefit is that you are able to learn about the different conditions in HOSA and events in HOSA. If you do not attend it, it will be a lot more difficult for you to know what event you want to go into,” says Lee.

  In preparation for the HOSA exploration camp the cabinet prepared by organizing games, setting up booths, selecting prizes and promoting their event to the HOSA chapter for this two-day event. The HOSA cabinet had been planning the event since summer, going through a lot of difficulties along the way, but in the end, it turned out great. The exploration camp was held from Aug. 31st to Sep. 1st in the Media Center and in advisors Jungsoo Han’s and Judy Chaps’ room from 3:30 to 5:00.  

  Historian and chair of competitive events sophomore Luna Liang, explains the struggles they faced with preparing for their first HOSA exploration camp. 

  “Preparations for the exploration camp began all the way back at the end of summer. It was a messy process since school started, a lot of changes were made to the event and we ran into a conflict. But we managed to get things working at the end,” said Liang. 

  So, if you are interested in joining the medical pathway, attending HOSA’s exploration camp is a great way for you to see your options at Wilson. 

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