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Homecoming tickets— are they priced fairly or are they a scam?

Over the weekend many Glen A. Wilson students attended this year’s Homecoming dance, but not everyone was satisfied with the outcome of the night. 

The dance was filled with music, many decorations, ice cream and many photo opportunities that made the dance fun for lots of people. However, many students, including myself, still feel this was not worth the $40+ ticket price.

Many students were surprised when they found out they needed to pay for water especially considering the price of their tickets.  Of course us students expected to pay for drinks like Coca-Cola and Gatorade, but not for something many of us would need especially when being on the dance floor. Many students were also surprised that there would not be food or snacks provided. Students were able to buy chips for a dollar, but this is still very strange considering that many other schools had provided much more for their students with ticket prices higher or lower than ours. 

ASB member Megan Moran (12) from Whittier High School explains what her school provided for their students at their homecoming. 

“Homecoming was $50 which included [a] 360 camera, food, dessert vendors and a photo booth. We had a grand red carpet entrance with led lights above leading to the vendors and stage. Homecoming was really fun and enjoyable because everything was included and we had a dance floor with a screen above,” says Moran.

Another thing many students were upset about was when Vice Principal David Purcey ended the dance 30 minutes earlier than it was supposed to end. Students also did not enjoy it when they had to stop the mosh pit. Although it may have been for safety purposes many were bummed out it was stopped. In addition, students were also upset that they could not wait outside in front of the gym and were being shoved into the parking lot to wait for their parents.

Denise Robles (12) shares how it was a little unfair for the dance to end early for everyone. 

“I felt like the dance ending early was very unfair. I personally thought that the situation could [have] been handled better. Administrators could have removed the students who were causing trouble rather than punishing everyone else. I personally paid almost $60 for my ticket, so it is unfair that I did not get the full-time I paid for,” says Robles. 

Even with some disappointments that the night brought, there were still many highlights. Many, including myself, had a great time on the dance floor with the DJ playing songs by Bad Bunny, The Weekend and Dua Lipa. The students also got to enjoy taking great pictures at the photo booth and the 360 camera. Doing cute little poses and smiling with friends. It was also a great opportunity for seniors to get to celebrate their last homecoming as high schoolers. 

Alyssa Medina (12) shares how even through the negatives she was able to have a great night as it was her last year attending a high school homecoming.

“My homecoming experience was amazing, memorable and sentimental. It is such a bittersweet moment attending homecoming as a senior because it is our last one ever.  So it was fun creating new memories with my friends that I will hold close to my heart forever,” says Medina. 

I am sure if the school were to offer more to the students on homecoming in the future many more students would like to attend the dance. They could possibly offer food to students, add more detail to the decorations, not be so strict with students, or even just give us free water. But even though making these small changes many students will still attend the dance to make fun memories with their friends. 

Many are hoping that next year’s homecoming will be better in all aspects, but no matter what they do I am sure many students will have a great time and make many memories. Homecoming tickets— are they priced fairly or are they a scam?

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