Homecoming Rally successfully introduces the court and sets the mood for Hoco

  On Sept. 22, Homecoming spirit week successfully ended with a rally hosted by Glen A Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB), which introduced the homecoming royalty and set the mood for Homecoming. 

  The rally introduced each Homecoming princess and prince, as well as included a variety of fun activities for the court, such as fun games and a dance to hype up the crowd. In addition, there were also performances from the dance team and class competitions to bring out the fun.

  With such a large and important rally, there is a lot going on behind the scenes in order to help ensure that it is successful and fun for everybody. Heeju Bahk (11), ASB secretary shared about all the parts of the rally that each team in ASB is in charge of and how they delegate tasks.

  “A rally takes a lot of work on ASB’s part! We have our publicity team working on posters, our rally group making the script, our activities members creating the games, Public Relations making promotion, and so much more.” 

  With how stressful organizing such a big event can get, Bahk also shared the challenges behind planning.

“The main challenge would be the amount of effort, communication, and time: so much of it is packed into the days leading up to the rally which can get pretty stressful, but it’s always worth it in the end,” Bahk stated.

  In addition, Alexa Quintero (11), member of the dance team, shared her apprehensions and nervousness of performing in front of such a large crowd at the rally. 

  “I had to think about all the corrections and advice given to me throughout the preparation for this rally. I also focused more on getting into character and really projecting it out to the audience.”

  Lastly Gabriel Flores (12) explained how there could have been more cheering for the court nominations as they walked around the gym. 

  “I thought that there could have been cheering for the court nominations, because their walk around and on the red carpet was a little underwhelming,” Flores said.

  Homecoming dance will be on Sept. 23rd, so make sure to go Wildcats, as it will be lots of fun! 

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