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Homecoming football game brings never-ending excitement to students

The homecoming crowning ceremony being held on the football fields. (Photo by Isaias Santiago)

On Oct. 22, the Glen A. Wilson HS varsity football team defeated Workman HS by a score of 47-0.

The homecoming football game was certainly a night for Wilson students to remember. Not only was the gameplay enjoyable to watch, but the event had also been interspersed with several different performances. There was the crowning of the homecoming king and queen, stellar routines from the color guard and band and a celebration of the Wilson alumni amongst the staff.

The homecoming king, Elijah Tolosa (12), describes his experience at the game, both on the field as a member of the football team as well as a prospect for the homecoming crown.

“The highlight [for me] was scoring a touchdown and being crowned king in one night,” Tolosa said. “It was a shocking moment that still feels surreal. [I] was filled with joy, especially getting to celebrate it with my teammates. [For the game] we prepared by doing walkthroughs, [as well as] spending time sitting and trying to get in the right mindset.”

Captain Joshua Beltran (12) agrees with Tolosa in regards to the effort the team put in to achieve victory.

“I continuously went over the playbook and made sure my body was feeling loose and ready for the game,” said Beltran. “Scoring on the first play was important because it boosted everyone’s confidence. [Also,] the crowd kept the game entertaining, and it made the game a lot more worth playing hard.”

Eden Bigornia (11), who had been in the audience that night, confirms that the crowd played a big role in keeping everything exciting. He also touches on his favorite performance from the night.

“The crowd’s energy was loud and full of excitement,” Bigornia said.  “I do not usually go to our school’s football games, but the crowd made the game lots of fun. [Though,] my favorite part of the game was from color guard and band. They had a beautiful performance; my friends and I loved it.”

Wilson’s next and last football game will be at home against Montclair HS on Oct. 29.




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