Heavy backpacks should no longer be a problem

transition to online learning platforms, why are backpacks still so heavy? 

Since the onset of COVID-19, teachers have started opting for digitized work instead of paper copies. 

Carrying heavy backpacks every day to school can cause bad posture and back pains. Especially without lockers, students are subjected to bring all the materials they need to school every day.

Following the pandemic’s impact on the learning environment, most classrooms now use Canvas or Google Classroom to assign work. Regardless, students are still expected to bring textbooks to school. Why should we still bring heavy textbooks to school when they can be easily found online? It would be much easier if teachers could make all of their textbooks available online—it would lessen our backpack load and it would be simpler to access.

Similarly, some classes require students to bring a binder or a notebook solely just for that class. With most students taking more than five classes a day, bringing multiple binders and notebooks in their backpacks is sure to overburden their backs. 

Teachers should instead make students’ workload more manageable by bringing one binder for all classes. Plus, instead of bringing separate notebooks for each class, notes should be done online or in the same notebook but organized.

Especially for the students who participate in extracurriculars and sports, there is an additional load of supplies added to their backpacks. Also, hygiene products, as well as food and water, are brought as well. With this added weight, students are overloaded with things to bring to school. Some people even bring two backpacks to school because of the amount of materials that need to be brought every day. 

Additionally, without lockers, there is no way for students to decrease their backpack weight. Without lockers, there is no place for students to leave the materials for each of their classes. Instead, we are expected to bring all of our textbooks, notebooks and binders every day to class when we mostly do not even use all of them daily. 

Some may argue that rolling backpacks can solve the issue of carrying heavy backpacks. This is also inconvenient because many classrooms do not have the room for multiple rolling backpacks. Hallways are also packed during passing periods, so dragging a rolling backpack throughout campus is bothersome for others. 

Moreover, teachers should be aware of the number of items that they require their students to bring to school. One possibility is to limit the amount of notebooks and binders needed for a single class. All work assigned to students should be made available online by teachers. It is time to make a full transition online—homework, notes, and textbooks fully available for digital use. It would lessen the weight of backpacks and make them easier to carry throughout the school day. 

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