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Weinstein sexual harassment charges create controversy in Hollywood

weinstein-harassment (Entertainment) Ying Yang

  No amount of Wein-ing and denying of the allegations set upon Harvey Weinstein can mitigate the implications of the movie mogul’s sexual harassment charges.

  On Oct. 8, Weinstein was officially fired from his position as co-chairman of Weinstein Co., a mini-major film studio, that he founded with his brother in 2005. Despite many actresses stepping up and sharing their experiences with Weinstein, along with the support that male actors expressed toward their female counterparts, Weinstein maintains his that all sexual relations he had with his clients were consensual.

  Although Weinstein Co.’s co-chairmen are brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Bob did not pity Harvey any more than other members of Weinstein Co’s board. In fact, Bob Weinstein was part of the board that fired Harvey, affirming that absolutely no one will tolerate such inappropriate behavior in society, even if they are part of one’s family.

  Since the first allegations, many actresses have shared their own unfortunate encounters with Weinstein. However, many of the women who accused Weinstein for harassment would not have come forth, had it not been for the first few brave actresses who stepped up.

  Two of the first actresses who brought accusations against Weinstein were Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Paltrow asserted that she first had an inappropriate encounter with Weinstein when she was only 22 years old.

  Paltrow alleges that Weinstein invited Paltrow to his suite in a Beverly Hills hotel for a meeting. However, she ended the meeting shortly after, when Weinstein placed his hands on her and suggested that they go to the bedroom for a massage.

  However, during the time, Paltrow did not report Weinstein because he threatened to fire her if she told anyone. Weinstein had instilled enough fear in his victim to avoid exposure of his wrongdoings.

  Shortly after Paltrow’s accusation was publicized, Angelina Jolie voiced her own encounters with the inappropriate Weinstein. Jolie stated that Weinstein made several unwanted advances on her in a hotel room in the late 1990’s. As a result of the  harassment, Jolie immediately stopped working with Weinstein and warned others not to work with him as well.

  Jolie’s warning is definitely appropriate, as such behavior by Weinstein is absolutely abhorrent and should never be seen as a tolerable action, no matter the circumstance.

  What he did to Paltrow, Jolie, and many others is unacceptable, and the fact that our society is still unable to unanimously condemn Weinstein and other predators for these actions is horrific. Thus, Weinstein’s firing was well-deserved because he caused so many women emotional trouble.

  In fact, since these actions have been exposed, movies produced under Weinstein have experienced a dramatic decrease in viewership. It is understandably hard to watch a movie produced by a sexual predator and look past the actions that could have happened behind the scenes.

  Since these actresses’ allegations against Weinstein, many others gained the courage to share their disturbing stories. In fact, the trending hashtag “#MeToo” has been established on social media for anyone who chooses to share similar experiences to those that have happened with Weinstein.

  This hashtag and the flow of accompanying stories popping up all over social media has not only impacted Weinstein’s specific case, but also sexual harassment incidents among all victims. Since the hashtag started trending, the large scope of these atrociously inappropriate encounters has been exposed.

  These stories have revealed to the public the actions that happen behind the scenes of seemingly innocent activities, and this is something we, as a society, must work to change in order to provide a more positive future for everyone.

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