Harry Styles beginning his North American tour

Let’s do some “Late Night Talking” about Harry Styles Love on Tour.

Harry Styles has finally kicked off his North American tour, beginning with a back-to-back night headliner in Toronto, Canada. Styles’ ravid fanbase, the “Harries” crowded the Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto, camping for days to get their hands on new merchandise and to get as close to the stage as possible

I am especially excited to see him on tour again and sing along to all of his songs, grab some merchandise and see the surprises he may have in store for my show. I always love to see what he might wear, knowing that it will always be an amazing outfit. 

Harry released his third studio album, Harry’s House, on May 20th 2022 shortly after the end of his second tour. The album featured the lead single As It Was, Music For a Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking and many other great tracks. This album broke multiple records like holding the number one album and number one track in various countries. Harry’s House earned 500,000 units in a single week and made Harry the first UK male artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200. Harry has always been number one for me, with amazing songs like Sweet Creature, Cinema, and Lights Up. He is the type of Artist that you can listen to no matter what mood you are in which makes him perfect to see on tour. 

Styles’ two sold-out shows were his first two back in Canada in almost four years! Styles added multiple little surprises during his tenure in Toronto, such as adding the Song YMCA as an interlude for his track, Music For a Sushi Restaurant. Another staple in Harry’s concerts are his outfit choices! Was he going to wear a cute bedazzled top matched with overalls and Adidas? Or was he going to debut his Gucci collaboration pieces?  The fans, in return, matched Styles’ energy by dancing all night and screaming his songs from the top of their lungs.  When Harry would say, “Tell Me” the fans would then sing out “Harry you are not alone” as a fan project showing their support and love for Styles. 

Alongside anticipating his outfits, fans began speculating about his song setlist for this tour. Seeing his setlist from his tour last fall, “Harries” noticed how he cut out many songs from his first studio album to make room for his new songs, which is expected after an artist releases a new album. He now opens the show with his hit single, Daydreaming and has added another fan favorite, Little Freak, but sadly this means he has removed other older songs such as Lights Up and Canyon Moon. Even with the setlist being altered, fans were still electric in Toronto!

Another exciting new addition to this tour is the new merch. Over the last tour, many fans complained about the simplicity of the clothing pieces, and just how expensive they were! Much of the merchandise HSHQ made was just a picture of Harry with a filter over it rather than something that felt more personal to the albums. Finally, the fans have gotten the merchandise they have been wanting, the tees and hoodies now have some personality to them, with more unique designs resembling Styles creative vision and passion for nature. Now fans can happily buy meaningful, priceworthy merchandise. 

There is still a lot of excitement and anticipation to come as this is just the beginning of his tour, with many waiting for their chance to hear his new music, buy some merchandise, and see the many surprises Harry may have in store for them. Are you going to Harry’s House?


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