Happy Spooky Season!

Peter Lu (12)
What did you like to dress up as in the past? Why did you enjoy dressing up as that?
“In the past, I dressed up [as a dinosaur along] with one of my friends, Steven, since we thought that it would be funny to go around school as two giant dinosaurs.”

Are you scared of any traditional Halloween superstitions? If so, what and why?
“Personally, I do not think that I am really scared of anything..”

Where do you enjoy going on Halloween, and for what reason?
“One place that I like to go to is the movies with my family. Sometimes the movie [tickets] are free or have [big] discounts on Halloween nights.”

How do you feel now that things will be different this Halloween? Do you feel really upset, or are you okay under these new circumstances?
“I feel pretty okay under these new circumstances since everyone can still have fun.”

If you could be friends with any animal and ride on it, what animal would you choose?
“I would like to ride a dragon because if there was anyone that pissed me off, I could just ‘blowtorch’ their house.”

Vanessa Maldonado (12)
Do you see a noticeable difference in your plans for this Halloween?
“I definitely see a noticeable difference this year because I can not see all of my friends [due to the] coronavirus and [the practice of] social distancing.”

What was your favorite memory of something that happened to you on Halloween? What made it so memorable?
“A couple years ago, we had a band rehearsal on Halloween and our section got to dress up for the costume contest. What made it so memorable was that I lost the contest by doing this weird dance that everyone disliked; I was very embarrassed.”

What are some steps that you will take if you are preparing for Halloween this year? If not, why are you not doing anything?
“This year, I am going to see a couple of my friends. Due to [the need for] social distancing, I will need to take some precautions, including wearing masks.”

Do you end up actually finishing all your Halloween candy? Or, do you let it rot in one of your cabinets?
“I have a sweet tooth, so [I will] always finish all of my candy.”

Would you rather have night vision or the ability to track the heat signatures of people?
“Although tracking people is cool, I am kind of scared of the dark. [However,] to get over my fear of the dark would be [even more] cool, so I would choose night vision.”

Imani Lee (11)
Does the pandemic change your plans for Halloween this year? What does it change, and why?
“Usually, I would get together with [all of] my friends and we would go pumpkin-carving or go to a pumpkin patch. But, because of the pandemic, I am [only] going to hang out with five of [them].”

What is the scariest horror movie you have ever watched? Why was it so terrifying?
“I do not watch horror movies because I get scared too easily, so all of them are terrifying to me.”

What is the most disgusting candy that you have ever tasted in your life?
“Hot Tamales, because I do not think that cinnamon should be in candy.”

If you could meet any supernatural creature this Halloween, what would you want to meet? Better yet, if you had to become that creature, would you?
“I would meet a dragon because they can fly and are so cool. I prefer having a dragon as a pet as opposed to becoming [one].”

If you were granted the ability to make one wish, with that wish not asking for more wishes, what would it be?
“I would make my wish to have everything I want happen at the snap of my fingers, so that I can [get anything that I want.”

Cole Serrano (11)
What is the best part about Halloween? Why?
“The best part about Halloween has to be the costumes. It is very fun to go out and see what other people have on [and for other people to see] what you have on.”

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? How so?
“It might be, because I do enjoy dressing up, going trick or treating, and just being outside.”

What does your family usually do on Halloween?
“My family does not usually do anything, but I usually go to costume parties.”

Would you rather get buried in a coffin alive underground for 15 minutes or stay in a dark morgue with a bunch of dead bodies for 10 minutes?
“I would rather be in a coffin than being in a morgue with a bunch of dead bodies since dead bodies are kind of sketchy.”

Do you usually get scared, or do you usually scare others?
“I usually get scared pretty easily. But, I do like to scare people sometimes.”

Helen Zhang (10)
What did you use to do during Halloween every year before the pandemic hit?
“Before the pandemic hit, I used to go trick or treating with my friends.”

Will you still make the best out of this Halloween? Or, will you just stay home?
“I will still make the best out of Halloween because even though we are not allowed to go outside, it does not mean that [Halloween] is canceled.”

Do you think that you are missing out this Halloween? How so?
“I do not, since I will still be making Halloween-themed desserts and watching horror movies.”

What is the most enjoyable part of Halloween? Why?
“The most enjoyable part of Halloween is eating candy. I love eating, and I also have a sweet tooth.”

If you could travel anywhere on Halloween, where would you go and why?
“I would travel to my couch because it is very comfortable.”

Mason Lieu (10)
Do you think having Halloween this year is even necessary with the coronavirus preventing you from doing many of the things you did during previous years?
“I definitely feel like [having a] Halloween is unnecessary now since the coronavirus [took away] so many things that made Halloween [what it was.] Interacting with strangers and receiving candy [through trick or treating] is not possible since we now have to social distance.”

What separates Halloween from other holidays? Why?
“One thing is that Halloween is based on interacting with the community. Halloween is more widespread, and it is not limited to just interacting with your family and friends.”

How will you celebrate Halloween this year? With who?
“I will not be celebrating Halloween this year, because [my family] does not consider it a super important holiday and [to me,] it feels like a normal day. The last time I trick or treated was around middle school, [since] high school has been pretty overwhelming.”

Do you think aliens or other mythical beings exist? Why?
“They are pretty fun for storytelling, but in reality no. [I believe that their existence] is mainly for entertainment purposes.”

Does your family give out treats on Halloween too? Or, do you save all the candy and eat it all by yourself?
“My parents will throw their brooms at children and yell at them if they come anywhere near my house. Also, I do not go trick or treating, so I have no candy to eat.”

Sofia Carranza (9)
What are you looking forward to this Halloween?
“This Halloween, I am just looking forward to staying in and watching movies.”

How does not being able to fully experience Halloween this year affect you?
“I am sad that Halloween is not the same this year, but because I can not do anything about it except [practice] social distancing, I have to look at the positive side. Being able to [stay home and] spend time with my family is something that I can look forward to this Halloween.”

Instead of the usual Halloween events you partake in every year, what is something different that you will do this year due to the pandemic?
“This year, I will be watching a bunch of horror movies and making cookies. I will [also] play games, which is something that I would not do [before] since I [always] went trick or treating.”

What is considered the best Halloween candy?
“Snickers, for sure.”

If you could turn into anything on the 31st, who or what would you transform into?
“A ghost because I could haunt people and scare them.”

Wisdom Hsu (9)
What are your thoughts on Halloween this year, with COVID-19 playing a major factor?
“I have never really celebrated Halloween, so COVID-19 does not really affect me.”

What are some things that you do on Halloween that you do not do on any other day?
“[Halloween] is just another [regular] day because I would sometimes still have homework to do. [But if I have time on Halloween, I would] watch some horror movies.”

Why is Halloween so special to you? How so?
“Halloween is not special at all to me; It is not relevant to [my life].”

If you could only eat one type of candy for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
“I would only eat Haribo gummy bears. They are the best gummy bears in the world.”

What is the scariest event you have ever experienced on Halloween?
“Four years ago, someone jump-scared me with a fake knife. I jumped and almost punched him in the face.”


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