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Haikyuu!!’s long wait causes fans to lose interest


  Anime has become one of the most popular forms of worldwide entertainment. Over the past few years, anime has grown increasingly popular, and Haikyuu!! is no exception.

  Haikyu!! follows Shouyou Hinata, a young boy who is struggling to play volleyball because of his height. The anime begins with Hinata as a middle schooler when he is brutally defeated by Tobio Kageyama, another volleyball player. As he enters Karasuno High School, Hinata finds that Kageyama is his teammate. Together, they strive to make their volleyball team the best in Japan.

  At the end of the season, Karasuno High School finally defeats their rival and make their way to finals.

  To fan’s disappointment, it is tentative whether or not new content is being released, because the anime creates its content based on its manga. Fans of the anime Haikyuu!! are let down because there has not been a new season released, which lessened their overall enthusiasm for the show.

  Due to the excruciating wait, the audience is less passionate about the anime. Because there have not been new seasons or episodes,  fans have not been consistently watching episodes of Haikyuu!!. Correspondingly, they may not be as interested in the anime when new seasons will be released. Because there are only three short seasons, viewers are able to finish the show fairly quickly, leaving them with nothing to watch, leaving them to turn to other shows. There are a variety of different animes, so  many Haikyuu!! viewers are not only watching one anime, but possibly many more, which causes them to lose interest when content is not being released.

  With the long wait, fans expect great content when new episodes are released. However, fans may become too over excited, which will  lead to more disappointment and result in less enjoyment of the show.

  Moreover, Haikyuu!! is categorized as a sports anime, and there many similar shows that people can watch as an alternative. For example, when a new series of anime is released, fans are invested more in that show, because it includes content that they have never watched, unlike Haikyuu!!. This shows that the competition is high and creating and releasing new seasons are beneficial for not only the audience as well as the producer, so producers should step up their game and fulfill the demands of fans.

  When enjoying entertainment, viewers like to watch all of the episodes or as much content  as possible, so that way they are able to experience the emotion of the show to the maximum. Although many shows do have a wait before new content is released, Haikyuu!! has let their viewers down with a wait of over a year and with no set date of when the fourth season will be available.     

  Unlike most shows, Haikyuu has never had a ‘weak’ episode or season, where the show is uneventful or lacked engagement from the audience. Because of this, Haikyuu should keep up with their fascinating content streak and allow viewers to become increasingly interested for the anime.  

  Although most viewers expected a 2017 release, it is now December, and instead, viewers are left with less overall enthusiasm, enjoyment and hype for the show.

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