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Gay-Straight Alliance club advocates for LGBTQ community


 Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) attended Models of Pride, an event that brought awareness to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) community, at the University of Southern California on Oct. 29.

 Models of Pride is a free, one-day conference that focused on the LGBTQ youth. GSA advisors, students and other LGBTQ professionals participated in many activities, which included an opening session, over one hundred workshops, fairs and dance entertainment.

 Co-president junior Sam Tolosa said that Models of Pride assisted to those in need of further knowledge of LGBTQ ideals.  

 “[Models of Pride] helped people learn and be more open to [the LGBTQ community]. This allowed people to build tolerance for people other than themselves,” said Tolosa.

 Co-president senior Marissa Rodriguez says that club members interacted with people of different sexual orientations by attending the event.

 “Models of Pride brings everyone together. It is important for members to attend because it gives information about different sexualities as well as  aspects [of the LGBTQ community],” said Rodriguez.

 Junior  Jayla Angulo enjoyed her experience at Models of Pride because of its environment.

 “[In general], my experience at [Models of Pride] was great. The  environment was open and friendly, so I felt comfortable when I was there,” said Angulo.

 The next meeting for GSA will be on Nov. 1.

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