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Grasp on to life by its reins

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  Sometimes, it is easy to take life for granted. You get caught up in the small aspects of life, and suddenly, five years fly by. 

  Starting my junior year of high school, I came to the realization that I fell in that exact rabbit hole. I was busy obsessing over my grades, making sure all my assignments were finished, and my whole life revolved around the one goal of performing well academically to guarantee a bright future.

  As students, one of the greatest burdens put on our shoulders is the responsibility of studying hard, and knowing exactly what we want to do with the rest of our life. Unfortunately, the American education system forgot one tiny aspect – that we are, essentially, still growing adolescents. 

  As college acceptances become more competitive, students are consequently more pressured to participate in activities that will make them stand out, even if they are not interested in the subject or event.

  What about simply pursuing education in the fields that interest you? Should this not be what is taught to the younger generations, the future of our world? 

  Obviously, I am biased. Looking at the education system in the eyes of a student, I occasionally believe that there are countless ways the education institutions can be improved. However, in the grand scheme of things, school has taught me to work hard, a guaranteed trait needed for the future. 

   So, as you are pulling that all-nighter to ace the heavily weighted test the day, take in account that life is all about balance. Yes, we cannot drastically change how education institutions are established, because everyone has a different belief of the “best” kind of learning. School is important, but be sure to reserve some time for yourself. Go attend Homecoming, eat out with your family, and buy a ticket to that concert you have always wanted to go to. These experiences are priceless, and we need to cherish them before life whisks us away.  

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