Glen A. Wilson’s Publications Advance to State

  The annual Eastern Los Angeles Journalism Education Association (ELAJEA) Competition was held at Los Altos High School on Feb. 24.

Wilson’s journalism and yearbook program, Paw Prints Weekly and Prowler respectively, participated  in competitions ranging from categories like Photography to Critical Review..Prowler received fourth place in Yearbook Layout, and Paw Print students got multiple medals and awards for the afternoon.

Editor-in-chief Arianna Carlos (12) said that her “competition this year went smoothly and I felt more confident in my on-the-spot writing ability much more than last year…I spent a significant amount of time annotating the articles given to me and writing out my initial thoughts and opinions…to effectively communicate in my Op-Ed article. 

She offers advice to the next set of journalism students of practicing more ahead then they had this year to get more practice in for the different environment and stresses. 

After the competitions, students had the opportunity to watch a Turnbull Canyon: A Road Unwound in special screening with director William Ohanesian.  Ohanesian is a former Los Altos graduate who was compelled to make a film about the light and dark side of Turnbull Canyon. 

After the screening, students and advisors got to ask Ohanesian about various parts of his film and his inspiration for the film. 

According to Paw Prints Weekly advisor Pilar Robles, “ Every year we prepare for both our regional and state competitions in a similar fashion. In the weeks leading up to the competition, we will hold Mock Write-Offs.” She adds that Editors are in charge of making mock write off ideas and holding these competitions. Robles believes this is  a good way to have real practice before the competition, that allows them to feel more confident at the competitions. 

  The Prowler had met together two days before the competition to discuss which layouts they would submit. 

  First year Prowler staff says that, “For my first year of being at ELAJEA, I really enjoyed the experience. It really opened up my eyes to see other school’s designs and to connect with others in a fun aspect.”
The Journalism program will be advancing to Southern California Journalism Education Program (SCJEA) on.

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