Glen A. Wilson’s Cheer introduces their new STUNT team

Glen A. Wilson Cheer has rolled out their new STUNT Team. 

Tryouts occurred on Feb. 16 and the team added 19 players to its first-ever roster. Practices are intense, with high-level stretching and movement to inaugurate every 3 days per week run-through.

Coach Denee Easy has a positive outlook on her new team’s progress.

“I am impressed and in awe! [The other coaches and I are amazed by the athletic ability and coach-ability of the athletes selected for the team.  We have athletes who have never cheered before who are now doing elite-level stunts and working on advanced tumbling skills. I see great things [in the future] for the Cheerleading program and the STUNT team!”

Head Captain Lyndsey Wong (12) believes integrating her new teammates into the cheer and stunt scene has gone well.

“My new teammates [have been] quick learners and good additions to the program. I enjoy motivating them by using positive mat talk to encourage them to do better and become more comfortable.”

Part of creating a new team means rookies will be a part of the process. Rookie Hannah Esguerra (10) explains her motivation to start a new venture in STUNT.

“I wanted to join STUNT because some of my friends were [already] in cheer and because I missed doing tumbling and [other] tricks when I was younger. [To prepare], I relied on my friends who were on the team already. They really helped me mentally for tryouts.”

STUNT has their first game against Los Altos on Mar. 21 at Wilson. 


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