Glen A. Wilson’s Annual Winter Rally Excites Students As The Day Approaches!

  Glen A. Wilson’s annual winter rally is underway, expected to be rescheduled to the end of March.  The rally will showcase a few of the winter sports including basketball, wrestling, waterpolo and more!

  ASB secretary junior Heeju Bahk shares the purpose of hosting a sports rally for the student body.

“Generating excitement from the student body and recognizing the hard work of these athletes is the main reason why we host these rallies! It is definitely something fun we look forward to since it highlights different groups on campus.”

  The winter rally has been an annual tradition here at Glen A. Wilson for years and not only does it showcase winter, but we also commemorate fall and spring sports as well.

  Junior Angeline Wibowo explains how she felt participating in the dance and the efforts she and the girls’ water polo team made to make it perfect.

“Personally, I really enjoyed participating in the dance, as the whole team was able to spend time together and hang out during our practices. I am excited to dance at the rally and have fun with some of my senior friends for their last year at Wilson.”

“I think something that our team did to make the dance as perfect as we could make it was by providing each other with honest feedback and helping our teammates out when we were having trouble.” Wibowo further commented.

  The girls’ water polo team is ecstatic to show off their hard work at the rally as they have been practicing to keep their dance pristine for the big day!

  In the meantime while we wait for an exact date of the rally, get ready Wildcats for Mr. Wilson, ASB’s annual Mr. Wilson pageant on March 15th.  Get your tickets now from any ASB member or Mr. Wilson contestant for $5!

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