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Glen A. Wilson Lady Cats Play Rivals In Opening Game


  Glen A. Wilson’s Girls’ softball experienced a tough loss as their season opener against rival Los Altos HS on Mar. 12th. The Lady Cats put up a good fight though lost 12-0. 

  Captain Brook Gonzalez (11) shares how she felt the team played as a whole against their rival.

  “I think we already had a lot of odds against us specifically for that game but I am still really proud of the girls that were able to pull through and get some hits during that game,” Gonzalez explained.

  “A lot of us went in with a negative mindset before the game even started and it did impact the way we played.” She further commented.

  Gonzalez also described the responsibilities that come along with being a team captain.

“As captains, we just really have to carry the weight of the team on our backs so it is really just a matter of being able to get through to the girls and building them up to be the athletes we know they can be.”

  Captain Saydrie Meono (11) expressed what she has been working on as the rest of the season lies ahead.

“Personally, I have been working on my own skill trying to perfect my craft and also trying to help my teammates learn and develop their skills. Mentally, I am trying not to get frustrated or mad over a game or practice and just trying to have fun.” 

  Lastly, Alexis Rodriguez (10) shared how preseason has helped the team grow into better players.

  “As our new team was being formed we were able to use our preseason games to get used to one another on the field and help each other out,” Rodriguez explained. “Playing the preseason games gets extra reps in for the whole team and helps us in the actual season.”

  The Lady Cats have been practicing more and more in order to succeed in their future games as they successfully garnered a win against Workman HS, 13-3.

  Catch the lady cats at their next home game on Tues. Mar 19th against South Hills HS!




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