Glen A. Wilson holds annual BOTC rally

Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) held their annual Battle of the Classes (BOTC) rally on Apr. 28th. 

The rally consists of performances by Wilson’s dance team, class dances choreographed by the students themselves, as well as fun games where students from different classes compete against each other. Each class will receive points based on how they performed in each event, and the class with the most points wins as well as receive a trophy.  

Junior dancer Shannon Chau explained her role in helping her class prepare for the rally as well as the rigor behind preparing and practicing for the dance.

“As a dancer, I was responsible for learning and practicing the group dances,” Chau explained. “However, it was a difficult process as practices often ran late, which resulted in me being unable to attend practice or leaving early, plus a back injury. However, I am deeply committed and I have done my best to learn the choreography and catch up, and I am very excited for the rally!” 

Additionally, junior Aya Hashi, one of the class leaders for the rally expresses how this rally can bring students together and foster school spirit. 

“This rally will foster school spirit because it brings us all together,” Hashi said. “Even though we are all competing against each other, the rally will give students a memory that can all relate to and leave high school with.” 

Lastly, freshman Leah Chan shared what she was looking forward to the most at the rally.

“I was looking forward to seeing who has the best dance, since they all seem cool,” Chan explains. “Although I did not participate in the games, it was fun cheering on my classmates who did participate.” 

BOTC is the last rally of the school year. Good luck on upcoming AP exams and finals!

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