Glen A. Wilson High School Holds the Blue Ribbon Rally as a Celebration for Winning the Blue Ribbon Award

  On Nov. 3rd,  Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) held the Blue Ribbon Rally, which commenced during fourth period.

  The Blue Ribbon Award is considered to be the highest academic award given to a school, which honors its overall academic excellence or progress in closing achievement gaps among students. As of now, GAWHS is one of 353 schools in the United States to be recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School.

  Student representatives Emily Axelrod (12), Bradley Co (12), and Jonathan Chan (12) opened the ceremony with introductions of superintendent Dr. Alfonso Jimenez and the principals of other schools in our district who have also won the Blue Ribbon Award. 

  To celebrate this honor, GAWHS principal,  Dr. Danielle Kenfield, detailed the rigorous process behind receiving the award and thanked the school’s many organizations, clubs, and technological pathways for contributing to the school’s success.

  Dr. Kenfield shares how she felt when she was talking about the school’s earning of the Blue Ribbon Award.

  “Well, it is funny…Humbled, because I think too often as a principal, I get the attention for the award, but no one earns an award by themselves,” Kenfield voices. “So for me, it was finally a joyful experience to share it with those who were responsible for achieving it with me: so, the students, the parents, teachers, and the staff. That is why I wanted everyone to speak representing all those groups because it definitely is a team effort. It would not have happened without all of the stakeholder groups.”

  GAWHS Associated Student Body (ASB) president and one of the student speakers, Bradley Co, explains how he prepared himself for speaking in front of so many people.

  “When it comes to speaking in front of a large audience, I owe my confidence to my three years in ASB,” Co responds. “Being part of ASB has required me to address countless people on stage and off, and with time, it has become almost routine. Although I still feel nervous at times, once I begin speaking, my body takes over almost like a reflex, and the words just flow.”

  From the perspective of a viewer, Sydney Chau (9) describes her thoughts on the rally itself.

  “I think the rally was pretty fun. I liked how we acknowledged Wilson’s success with it.” Chau replies.

  With such an amazing honor to have received, this rally is sure to be a memorable moment for the student body and staff–but most of all, Dr. Kenfield herself.


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